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Hey everyone welcome to garden for today we’re going to replace a window, it’s very exciting where our friend Brian’s house, we are both what you would call amateur carpenters. We have amateur skills, average skills, and I want to show you if you’re thinking about replacing a window or two you can do it we’re gon na. Do it here we’re gon na make a video pile and show you how to do it all right. Make fix grow, cook garden fork. This is, what’s called a double hung window.

It’S an old. These are single, panes is not double glazed, and this is actually the garden floor of a Brooklyn row house and the window looks out onto the air shaft. That is common in Brooklyn row houses. There’S an air shaft between this house and the next one for some sunlight to come in on some of the inside rooms. So again, double hung wooden.

We’Re gon na replace this with double glazed metal window. Much more energy-efficient, be very nice. First, we’re gon na start removing this trim and it comes off really easily watch out for the nails. So start this off that this window has already been pulled out. We didn’t show you that part.

Sorry, these are double hung. They’Re little ropes or chains with counter weights inside here, okay, this is hollow in here now we want to take out this little divider trim and we’re going to take out the upper window. Okay, there. You go be careful, because this is glass that glass can break. It can hurt you [, Music ], you notice here.

This was the sash rope and it’s broken. Sometimes this is a chain and you have to cut the chain. So we want to keep this back trim because the new window is going to sit flush against that. We want to remove these pulleys now and that can be a little tricky [ Music, ], [, Music, ] yeah. Look at that.

So that’s the space where the counterweights are neat huh. I don’t know what you’re gon na do with those some scrap metal, scrap metal and in this space here we can put spray foam in or regular insulation. We like spray foam so before you put the new window and you want to lay in good quality caulk. Okay, when you put in your new window, which fits right in like this, don’t put it upside down or you’ll. Look as silly as me.

That’S all right! Just pull this out! That’S the top! It’S supposed to go up, but you see here the new window after you’ve, measured it and ordered it, slides right in to the old window frame like butter, so to attach your window here to the old wood frame. You lift up this piece of plastic well, and in here are pre-drilled holes and screws are provided with we’re good at that.

Okay, let’s put them in you’ve got your window in now. You want to insulate all the gaps the voids here. We use a low expanding foam, it’s basically, it usually says it’s for doors and windows. It’S called a low, expanding or no warp foam and we’re gon na go around here up in here along the sides. If you don’t want to spray them, you can jam in fiberglass as well spray foam.

If you get it on your clothes, it’s not coming off, so we’re really lousy clothes or coveralls and gloves. Okay, less is better because it will foam out [, Music ]. All right we’ve got this insulated and spray foamed and you’re ready to apply what kind of trim you like. So now that your window is in, you can put new trim in here. You could put the existing trim.

You can stop hammering it’s really whatever you want. What makes you happy and the trim goes all the way around the window and you’re good to go all right there, you go simple: how to how to put in replacement windows again we’re just amateur carpenters. There are people that are more expert at this. I just want to show you if you’re thinking about doing it and you have moderate skills, you could probably do it, because if I can do it and Brian can do it, you can do it. If you run across any lead paint, you need to do some lead, paint, containment or remediation depends on what your codes local codes require.

But you can do this kind of thing all right and you know just tell me what you’re doing if you have some questions leave in the comments below. If you have a little thought comments below, I try and answer a lot of the comments and stuff. So go out and do stuff make it a great day. Let’S see there,

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