Wind Resistant Roof Types

The type and shape of the roof on your home can help determine how well it will perform during a severe windstorm. A hip roof is one that slopes upward from all sides of the building because of its aerodynamic properties and construction techniques. Hip roofs usually perform better. In wind storms than the second roof type, a gable roof, a gable roof has two slopes that come together to form a ridge or a peak. At the top.

Each end looks like the letter. A homes with gabled roofs built prior to modern building codes. Pre 2002 are more likely to suffer greater damage such as collapse of the end wall from high winds, because they are often not braced properly during construction. If your home is built with a gable end, wall use one of the following construction techniques to strengthen the structure. Use full height, studs, concrete or solid masonry walls from the floor below all the way up to the roof, balloon framed gable.

End walls perform better in wind storms because they do not have the hinge that usually exists where the triangular part of the gable sits. On top of the wall below brace the intersection of the gable and the end wall, this intersection is a particularly weak point and those that are not properly braced can collapse, causing major damage to the roof, allowing wind and wind driven rain into the home in homes. With addicts an attic floor or ceiling diaphragm with the proper bracing techniques can be used to provide the lateral support of the gable end wall. If the end wall is not framed, full height install bracing along the top and the bottom of the gable end. In addition, connect the gable end to the top of the end wall using metal hurricane connectors homes with cathedral ceilings.

Next to a gable end wall will require a special design by a registered architect or licensed engineer. If the end wall is not continuously framed for more information about protecting your home from disaster visit, you

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