What Is The Best Roof Coating For Flat Roofs?

Today’S show Kia with the twin home experts when it comes to roof coating by far short code is really the ultimate in elastic America, coatings retired wide. Over the years, we’ve applied the typical elastomeric coatings that you get at your your big-box stores, and they just don’t. Last very long, the reason why we like sure code is because of the process and the elastic marek coating is not made up of a bunch of water. The other great factor is this right here. This black container is called the sure set that allows it to once you clean the surface of the root.

It gives you a much faster cure. Time goes on a little thicker, but on top of that, you’re didn’t apply or sandwich the polyester. This really is amazing, because what it does is when you sandwich it in it protects it from all the cracks and the peeling that you get from most elastic amira coatings. Once this gets sandwiched in between the sure set. The final coat is going to be the sure coat systems.

This is uh, it’s just like the sure set, but it’s not. It doesn’t cure as fast, but this is what you want to apply on top of that this is the sure clean. What that’s going to do it’s going to clean all the debris and oils and stuff to give you a nice clean surface when you do apply it, everything really works good together, let’s go ahead and show you the process of how to apply it to a roof. [ Music, ] prep, which is very poisonous or we didn’t all of that coding. It was applied over the flashing here, alright guys now that we’ve cleaned all the debris using our blower and scraped everything off now, we’re ready for some water and the most important part is going to be the pressure washer, along with the sure, clean.

It’S basically a soap that we’re applying on the surface. What that’s going to do is remove any type of oils or leftover Tabriz really get it nice and clean. So when we lay the shirt coat, it’s gon na really adhere and cure perfectly all right. As you can see here, we apply her they’re here. This is the polyester here: [, Music, ]

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