VIDEO: Consumer Reports names most reliable AC brands

As we head into the hot days of summer, many count on air conditioners to keep cool if you’re in the market for a new one, don’t sweat it. Consumer reporter Marilyn Moritz shows us which systems are more likely to hold up for years when it gets hot people get desperate. Just ask the a/c repairman, there’s nothing worse than turning your air conditioner on and then finding oh, no, my a/c is not working and then we get that panic phone call and we have to run out the key to having your a/c there when you need. It is getting the right system and taking care of it. Consumer Reports surveyed sixteen thousand people to find out which brands you can count on for conventional systems they found American Standard is more reliable than other brands, while Amanda’s are more likely to break for heat pumps.

Again, they found American Standard and Bryant are among the more reliable while York and Goodman are more likely to break down. A lot of things can affect how well a system works, how its installed the quality of the ductwork, even the size and layout of the house. But choosing a more dependable brand can boost your chances of getting a system that lasts. The responsibility is on you to even the most reliable a/c will let you down, if you don’t maintain it, the experts say, check and clean filters. Monthly, clear debris from around the condenser coils and check for blockages in the drain pipe also look for insulation around ducts and seal any leaks and once a year bring in a licensed pro for an AC checkup Maryland Morris case at 12.


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