The Best Budget Home Theater Setup!

To be honest, I’m not interested in projectors. Such as the influence of warm-up time to ambient light And the input delay color is still very ugly The price is still high I just don’t like projectors or something So when ViewSonic contacted me Can I sponsor this video? I just ignored it But they didn’t give up Finally, I went to take a look at the parameters of the PX700HD projector I’m actually…

quite shocked Only 499$ You can buy one that supports 1080P With a brightness of 3500 lumens So that he can be clearly seen in the day or in the dark There is also a very good color accuracy And it looks really good Support 3D If you like 3D And only 16ms input delay This delay is not only lower than many projectors Even lower than some TVs launched this year It means that all non-competitive games are played on this projector It’s really great to play Very smooth My brother got married at the beginning of this year Many young couples during college Don’t have much money I only use a 32-inch TV So I decided to give him a better configuration Just like this PX700HD projector Their apartment is grouped It means they can’t drill the TV or projector to the wall So we made a small platform with wood And can be adjusted with this very tight gimbal And also very stable This gimbal is placed upside down to a very cheap…


The name seems to be called Pile on a tripod The appearance doesn’t look good I’m sure I won’t win a prize in the interior decoration contest But enough for them You can also see that the picture just fills the entire wall A 100-inch picture is projected against the corner of the wall You heard 100 inches right Not bad for a projector that only needs 499 Next audio My brother is a musician, he certainly doesn’t want a bad sound bar A tip for you If your budget is not high, buy monitor speakers Although you can’t get surround sound Only stereo But when you ask me about audio Although I don’t know everything but I still have a say in audio I think audio quality is always more important than quantity Good sound quality is not all expensive Such as these JBL-3series II A pair for less than 300$ They perform very well whether they are movies, games, music Because the monitor speaker is built-in power supply The amplifier is built-in This is very convenient But there are also disadvantages such as If you don’t have a front end, you can’t adjust the volume I don’t think about it because of budget issues.

But then it’s time for this little box to show up This is SCHIIT([ __ ]) SYS Um… you heard me right But SYS is not so ([ __ ]), he performed very well It’s really the dumbest joke I’ve ever played SYS is a passive front end meaning that you don’t need to power it So we use the audio output on the projector By the way, this is my only complaint about this projector.

There is no optical audio. Looks a little stupid So we use the audio output interface to turn the lotus head Can be used to plug into SYS Then plug in the output port with a lotus head Then it can be converted into a Canon head and plugged into the monitor speaker Audio enthusiasts, don’t get excited, I know this configuration is not ideal In theory, a longer line may receive more interference But its performance is very good It’s a little shocked that I have no interference at all If you use a projector…

Whichever is In particular, they are usually upside down and there are few signal sources that can start You’d better buy a set of home theater receivers They can handle signal selection HDMI switching and audio output The reason I didn’t do this was that they only had one original PS4 I gave it to them last Christmas These are good enough for the average person The projector supports USB power supply so you can use ChromeCast, FireTv But for less than 300$ you can get one that can watch Netflix Hulu PSTV YOUTUBE can also play some triple A games So PS4 is worth the money From the PS4 to the projector, we used an HDMI cable that cost 35$ 15 meters at Wal-Mart The quality is actually pretty good The low latency of this projector is definitely not just casual talk In fact, when I play Red Dead Redemption 2, I can directly feel the lower latency Older than me but I love but lower than Panasonic P65V10 It’s a plasma TV.

It was definitely famous for its low latency when it was first released. I admire Only about 1000$ for a set My younger brother and current younger sibling D: Has an absolutely invincible audio and video configuration Seriously, I don’t even think you can find anything comparable at this price. If you are interested in any equipment in the show, the link is below But don’t rush to spend money because the next issue is about the construction of an ultimate black apple It’s even 40% smaller than Mac mini Absolutely wonderful So don’t forget to subscribe to open notifications But the most important as always Stay Snazzy

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