Hi everybody it’s becca and welcome back to the carriage house or welcome. If you are new here and today, i’m in our newly renovated kitchen – it’s not quite done yet. We still have shiplap to do and it’s a little bit more detailed work uh on top of here, but for most part it is done so for those who don’t know, we do live in an actual real farmhouse in iowa that was built in 1900. Just going to do a little tour of the kitchen here, i’m going to show you everything my husband did. Do all this on his own by himself process has taken quite a while number one.

We don’t want to go in debt while doing renovations. So we do just a little at a time. Also too, we have four kids with one toddler and a baby. We also homeschool two on top of everything else. Okay, so i’m gon na go ahead and i guess i’ll start with the island and i’ll show you you guys what’s going on here.

Okay, so as far as the kitchen island goes, my husband was asking me what kind of style i liked, and i really love the whole butcher block type of type of island. So this is birch, i believe, and he just he made he’s a woodworker too so, and he made all this so these legs here are more like a furniture style, but i love the. I love that look and then in here we have our trash can and then we have um scraps for the chickens that go in here and then the compost stuff goes in here i forgot to mention too. All of our cabinets are from ikea. I’M also filming this by myself, so you may notice a lot of cuts in the film and everything in this drawer.

I have our immersion blender, which is great to have in the kitchen by the way it’s great to puree. You know soup, if you’re, making a soup or something like that. You can actually put this into the pot. You cook the soup, instead of having to you, know, move it into a blender or whatever, but i will be doing a my kitchen favorites here soon, and that was a requested video by the way next week. I believe so we’ll be doing that and um oh, and these are really nice too.

These are from ikea as well and they’re great to have in the kitchen, and then in here we have a junk drawer. Of course you got ta have one of those and then here we have um foil plastic baggies things like that trash bags, parchment paper, saran, wrap, and things like that. So in here we have. I just have a stock pot here, okay, so over here. This is one of my most absolute favorite things in the kitchen.

You can keep step stools or a step stool, which i love. I thought that this was really really creative here i know in the past, i’ve always had trouble finding a place to put step stools and things, and it’s good for kids too, and right here is an outlet. So we can put our kitchen made mixer whenever we’re using it it’s stored in the dining room, but we have easy access if we want to do baking during. You know christmas time, put the kitchenaid mixer here to bake cookies and everything to roll out cookies and stuff okay. So on the other side, we have a cabinet here where we store all of our our phones that need to be charging batteries.

Anything any kind of recharge, because we we do use rechargeable batteries, so this is kind of our charging station over here and then we have our blender at the bottom here, because we do make a lot of smoothies, especially for my daughter and this one over here. We keep baking sheets, muffin, tins and other cutting boards, a charcuterie board here things like that so and it’s got these little slots here, which are nice and my husband did do the lighting up here, which is which is really really neat. When you open up the uh, the cabinet, it lights up so, but i really like this arrangement, because previously we would put baking sheets and muffin pans and all that stuff just stacked at the bottom of the um, the stove and it you would have to go Through all of them and sort them so and then these cabinets, we don’t really store too much up there. It’S extra mason jars, um other kinds of jars that we don’t want to necessarily throw away, but we don’t use quite often there’s a pestle mortar up there too, and in this cabinet we just uh. We have tupperware baby cereal.

We have mugs and things like that. For wintertime in there, my husband keeps energy type of stuff in here for to make energy drinks, and then we do keep sippy cups back here and then all our bottles and things for our nine month old and in this cabinet. We just keep all of our coffee stuff in so here we have coffee little pods for our couric and then we have some tea here and coffee, more coffee, coffee meat. And then here we have some coffee, condiment type of things like sugar and cinnamon. My husband likes cinnamon and coffee and things like that in this cabinet we have coffee, mugs, juice, cups, glasses wine, glasses, beer, mugs, all that stuff here and this one we have bowls plates serving bowls and that type of stuff.

Over here i have a little nook area that i love to decorate with the seasons for fall spring summer. So right now i just have um it’s kind of hard to decorate for summer. Really so, but just have coffee k-cups here, a little rooster lamp, a little family calendar. Here we have our toaster here, a juicer that we just recently got on amazon and again i will be doing a a favorites kitchen favorites here really soon and our dish drainer is right here. It’S from amazon, the company is simple human.

I believe, but i get asked about this a lot a lot, but it’s a really good dish. Drainer, i think we’ve had it for about 10 years or so, and it’s held up really really well again, it’ll be on the my kitchen favorites. We have our wine bottles here, like a little built-in wine rack, and here we have silverware and chopsticks and all kinds of you know: baby spoons orange zesters things like that measuring cups, and here, which i love this, and this is all ikea by the way we Have just more kitchen accessories, we have biscuit cutters and peelers got chip clips and pizza cutters scale and all that and down here at the very bottom. We have a lot of the kid related cups things that they can easily get to. They have water for the whole day and they each have their own cup for the whole day, instead of getting out multiple glasses and who’s, whose is this and whose is that and so on, and there’s bowls and plates, and things like that, we have our farmhouse Sink here and then these curtains, i got from world market a long time ago, and we have just a little little faux.

Lavender plant here, hand, soap and then here we have all the cleaning type of sponges potato scrubbers and beneath here we have cleaning supplies. I love this. This is simple human to the the same brand that makes the uh the dish drainer. So i really love that brand, but it pulls out a little caddy here. So you can keep your cleaning supplies and everything, and we have some fresh lavender that my daughter picked earlier and it smells really good.

I wish you could smell this. It just smells amazing, especially if you pinch your fingers on a lavender and it just it. Just smells so good, so in this cabinet we have our little canning jars. Here, we’ve made so far. We’Ve made black raspberry jam and we have rhubarb jam here and more black raspberry, and then my husband made a rhubarb barbecue sauce.

I think it’s called victoria sauce, which is really really good, because we have a lot of rhubarb growing and we have a lot of black raspberries growing right now. Our red raspberries are they’re starting to come in right now, but but we love to can whenever we can, we love to can whenever we can. Okay and just some tea tea mugs here little bowls and things. I love little um little bowls like this, or we have oven, mitts and extra knives and we have a knife block so to speak, where we keep steak, knives and other kinds of knives here and this one. We have mixing bowls measuring cups, a french rolling pin here and strainers, and this one we just have dishes of various kinds and sizes.

Okay in this cabinet, i like to keep spices of all kinds and a little mason jars, and i use a um label label maker to add the what which particular spice it is. But i love using mason jars to store uh to store spices in, because you can see the pretty the pretty colors and of the spices so and it’s good to keep them away from the heat as well. So i i had them initially. I had them stored in this cabinet, but they will go rancid quicker if they’re stored by by heat. Here i keep cooking oils, olive oils, flax, seed, extra spices that we had left over from from over here, and we do.

I do buy in bulk whenever i can at our local local amish community, which is uh it’s great, because it’s it’s less expensive uh. All the spices and and sugars and oatmeal and all kinds of things like that, but also help support their community. So i do need to make another trip there to replenish my spice cabinet, but all that’s up there and then just like almond extract vanilla, extract birthday, candles, food, coloring, canning items too. All that’s there and over here is our cutting board. Here i like to keep oatmeal and gluten-free oatmeal: our daughter has celiac disease, so our kitchen is gluten, a gluten-free kitchen, and this one we have sugar and i usually do cane sugar, sugar in the raw uh or turbinado sugar.

This is white sugar because we ran out of the other, so i just have that in here, and this one is brown sugar, which is really good with oatmeal in the mornings. It’S kind of hot right now, though, in the summer, but and knives, salt and pepper, and then we have our stove here and again. We still have a lot to do up here. It’S not quite finished yet, but it’s really nice cooking on a gas stove. I had to kind of relearn a little bit, but our microwave is right here and then we have some more baking type of dishes.

We have cake, pans, pie, pans and little creme, brulee dishes here and then down here we have more uh. We have a roasting. Pan just more more pans, okay, i hope you guys enjoy the tour and i hope to see you in my next video bye,

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