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– ♪ Hold me closer, tiny ranch ♪ We are here at the tiny ranch. Tiny people lived here. And they’re growing and they need more space. So who do they call? The boss.

Just kidding, they called us. (laughter) Well they called Susan, nobody wants to call me. – So she basically said I wanna do my whole house, make it pretty, I’m moving out, and call me when you’re done. – And that’s a true story. She had a half wall here when you walked in, so we got rid of that.

‘Cause it kinda closed it off a little bit when you came in here. – Well we had to take this wall down. – Oh yeah, that was the big piece, was this. There used to be a wall here. (laughter) And now there’s not.

(laughter) – And this wall, it was bearing only because it held up the ceiling. It wasn’t really holding any significant structural weight but once that wall came down now our ceiling was gone and we had to recreate that.

So we said if we’re gonna do that we might as well give it a high ceiling. So we decided to raise the ceiling and we ended up with about 10 feet here. So that also makes it just feel a lot bigger.

– She didn’t know we were doing that. – No. – Susan called and said we vaulted the ceiling and she’s like, oh, cool. – Kitchen’s gonna be here. We’re gonna have a little island here.

I mean this kitchen is so small… And then we were also able to get some more cabinets in the opposite wall, so she’s gonna have plenty of storage. And then this room in the back was an unheated space, I’m gonna convert that into a heated room.

This whole level is gonna get renovated even new heating system, new windows, – Right. – New doors, new trim, new everything. The only thing she asked us to try to keep were the built-ins around the fireplace. – She said that her uncle built them or something. – She said her uncle built them, yeah.

– She was trying to keep them ’cause her uncle built them so they were somewhat sentimental. The problem that happens when you do whole house renovations is when you leave something a little bit older and everything else around it is renovated that sticks out like a sore thumb. I would love to just rip it all out and redo it. – We just might. We might tell her it was an accident.

(Laughter) – Yeah. – We might say, oops, the guys accidentally demo-ed everything. I’m so sorry, we have to redo it. – The key is we’re reworking the space, right. – Right.

So– – ♪ You betta work, work, work ♪ Do you know that song? – (laughing) I’ve heard that song. – ♪ You need to rework, rework, rework…

♪ this space. We had a small living room. We had a small kitchen. We had a small dining room. It was all small.

We’re doing her heating system, air conditioning, so she’s getting– – Windows – All new systems in place. All new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom. So this is literally gonna be like she’s moving back into a brand new house. – Right. It’s just the house is gonna be much more functional and it’s gonna feel bigger even though it’s the same space.

– Hey honey, I’m home (laughter) – Well I know you have a busy day. I know we have a lot of other projects going on. – We do. – But I wanted you to come over and look at this wall. When we put the beam in, it’s not in the same place where the old wall was, so now this side of the fireplace is wider than this side of the fireplace.

So if we were to try to recreate this it might not look that great because it’s just gonna be two different sizes. So we need to figure out how we’re gonna make this work since it’s lopsided. – Do you think Cyndi Lauper…

would know how to solve this problem? – Well Cyndi Lauper isn’t here right now, Paul. We’re here. – What if she could be here? I don’t think she’s that famous that she’s not accessible.

– Oh maybe. Maybe she would answer us. We would say, hi Cyndi Lauper we have a problem– – A Lauper-sided problem – Lauper-sided problem. – Would she want to actually work? Because, famously, she just wants to have fun.

So, I know a lot of clients sometimes they’re like, I have this awesome wood-burning fireplace but I don’t burn wood I just want it to look pretty. – I think it’s important to the home value to keep this as an operating fireplace.

We know that we need a good clearance here and we have these bevels, that’s like four different levels and it’s weird. So we need to figure out what to do with that. – Levels of bevels?

(laughter) – There’s multiple levels of bevels. – So you wanna add more bevels to the levels? – We do not wanna add any more bevels.

We would ideally like to have no levels. – So you wanna level down.

.. Not level up? – Hopefully by the time this is done it looks like it leveled up because right now it looks like a disaster and we need to make it look like a very purposeful Lauper-sided, multi-level, bevel wall. – So we need to level down to level up on this?

– Sure. – Is that what you’re saying? – Right. Yeah. – We’ll have to go to the office and hit the drawing board.

– I wanna change these windows. They have to go. There was a door here and I didn’t realize how ugly they were until now. – I don’t disagree with you. We didn’t pick the windows in this room these windows were already in here.

– Somehow, someway, they gotta go. So those gotta be out. – It’s an accent window. – No. – It’s all perception.

That wall’s an accent window wall. – My perception is that window should go in the trash. – So we have enough pulls for in here? – Yeah we do. Uh-oh, does this mean I’m not supposed to go in here?

– Yeah, that’s exactly what that means.

It means don’t walk on it. – I’m not gonna walk on the bottom step. That’s the one he just did. I’m gonna walk on the other tile.

– No. No, I wouldn’t. – He just grouted it. It’s dry. – I know, so you shouldn’t walk on it.

What are you doing down there? – Just putting the hardware down there. – You’re making a lot of noise. – All right, don’t step..

.whoa. – I didn’t step anywhere, you’re the one who stepped everywhere. – (grunting) okay. – Hence the tape that said don’t go down here.

– Well I’m gonna tape it back up so he won’t know that I went down. – It says do not enter and you just broke the law. – Look, he’ll never know. Look. – Camo-short season has officially started for us here at Kadilak Homes.

– (laughing) For you. – Susan decided to let me take the limelight with the camo-shorts today and not wear hers which was good. – You’re welcome. – You know wore this instead. You know whatever.

– It’s the least I could do. So when she first called us here, she wanted us to do the kitchen, bathroom, and then we took a look at the whole house and her heating system was about to die.

– She’s had this house for a long time– – A long time. – And she’s wanted to do a lot of stuff to it. And she follows a lot of our stuff and she just called us and was basically like, have at it!

– Do you remember the little half wall that was right here? Now that’s gone. That was one of the first things that had to go. We moved the closet door to this side. Getting rid of that and moving that just opens up the space.

So now when you walk in, you can at least walk in to the room. And there was a wall here. Remember the wall? It was like – (in unison) It was offset.

– Right, it was like here.

– Jinx! The load bearing wall was here and then they had like another wall that was probably like somewhere here so we had to open things up and look and see what needed to be done. – It was nice because we go rid of this wall we were able to vault the ceiling. ‘Cause this space is very, very small and tight so it really needed to be opened up. – Everything has to fit the space at the end of the day.

It’s a ranch, it’s a nice house. It totally fits her needs. Could we put a bigger island? Sure, but it fits the space and keeps the room separated from the other sections. – Now she has seating in the kitchen, which we didn’t have before.

And just to spread everything out and give her some counter space we moved the sink to the island, just to give her some more working space. This whole wall, we tiled it all the way up to the ceiling. We had a lot of patterned tile, so we put the patterned tile behind the stove. And it also has the bluish color of the island and those cabinets and the closet doors. So the tile just brings all the pieces, kinda, together.

Because it’s a small space, all of these light fixtures are glass. – And then she had a door here that went into this room.

It was like an exterior door ’cause this wasn’t heated space and she never used this room, like ever. But we were able to make this room heated by getting a vent from the basement into the stairs over here. You can’t see it initially when you come in but it gets the heat and a/c in here so now this is conditioned space.

There’s a lot of windows plus the door so it’s very bright in here so it’s nice… You’d have breakfast in here. Maybe it’s a breakfast room.

Everybody wants a breakfast room, don’t they? – So this can be a breakfast room.

It can be a multi-use room. You can have table, couch, whatever. – You could do yoga and have yogurt.

So it could be a breakfast-exercise room. A bre-xercise room. What are you talking about? (laughter) Back into here. – Also this wall had just a big window on it so there was nothing here.

So we were able to add these two closets, give her some more counter space, some more storage. We ended up bringing the tile all the way to the ceiling. It really makes it all feel like one big kitchen. One of the nice things about the load bearing wall being pushed back was that we had more space to put storage and countertop and use this wall. But then that created a problem in the living room, because I don’t know if you remember, but her uncle had done some built-ins for her.

– They were sentimental to her. – So we did tell her that they might not survive. And they really didn’t because the size of this built-in changed. It got smaller because the wall moved. – If they were both the same you would clearly see that– – That this is smaller, right.

It doesn’t catch your eye because they are two distinct very different pieces. It’s not meant to match or pair with the other piece. Well they’re not identical twins, they’re like fraternal twins. – So it’s like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger – Exactly. – Yeah.

This is actually a pretty cool transformation too. The fireplace.

– So this is all fire-rated material. So we got rid of the brick, made it smooth. I did the color a little bit darker.

And then the wood is just to give a little bit of contrast and then we did the V-groove on the top. And then here on this side, this is the same size as the original built-in. And these are her uncle’s doors. – Yep, she wanted to keep ’em.

– So we were able to save a couple of her uncle’s doors for the new built-ins.

– The only thing that we’re gonna have to have the painter come back and fix is… that, because that’s gold and it’s supposed to be black. – I actually don’t mind that it’s gold.

– Of course you don’t. Because I said I wanted black, so we’ll leave it gold.

– Well you know why I don’t mind it? Because of the oak. So I think it’s okay.

– You think it’s oak-k? After you’re mesmerized by the new space here you’re like, oh… I gotta poop.

What does it look like? (laughter) Well I don’t really have to but… – So this bathroom had a tub in it before but she doesn’t have any young kids so she wanted it to just be walk-in shower.

We have a shower door on the way. – Shower door’s coming. Wait a minute. It’s here. (laughter) Well, a lot of people don’t know that I went to mime school.

– Right. Now they do. – You know what it’s like to be in mime school? You can’t even ask questions! – So this is the only main bathroom and she wanted it to feel more calming.

So we decided to go with like blues and neutrals. So the glass is really cool because it’s crackled and it has different colors in it. And we put this other tile, that’s a vertical subway on the side walls and around everywhere else. And this is cool because it also has kind of a watery texture to it. And then the vanity’s a blue-green.

So visually when you’re walking in you have this line that just draws your eye up and then the subway tiles do the same thing. All right, you wanna see what downstairs looks like now? – Wait a minute, let me go down there. From the top of the stairs, when you open the door you got these nice oak treads and then, bang! Beautiful tile.

– Beautiful tile, yeah. – I would constantly wanna drop things on the floor to pick it up because I would just wanna keep staring at the floor. You would want me to drop things so you would be like…

(laughter) Oh, honey, can you pick that up? Sure. (laughter) I got it. I mean she had her laundry in here before but it was just like..

. – It was dirty. It was, I mean it was old. – This is actually attached to a Campbell’s soup can so you can talk to your children from upstairs. Hello?

(laughter) Honey, I shrunk the dryer. Normally we don’t just stick hoses in walls and leave ’em, but this does have a purpose for a dryer to vent, outside, with the hot air. – And then do you remember the bathroom that was in here before? The vanity used to be where you’re standing. That used to be where the sink was.

So we moved it here. So that we could add some storage and just make it flow a little bit better. You know, it’s cute. It’s an extra second bathroom. If you’re down here doing laundry and.

.. Or you have people over and you need a second bathroom you’ve got this space down here.

I love transformations like this because it goes in the same footprint it just goes to a completely different house. It’s definitely a ‘wow’ factor when you walk in.

– You have, like you have so many things to look at. You have the new built-ins, you have the fireplace, you have this whole wall with the patterned tile, the different color cabinets, you’ve got a higher ceiling. So if you were here before we started and then you walk in now, it feels like a totally different place. – Everything came out great. It’s a good project.

We have more work to do, right? – We do. – So we don’t have time to be here anymore and she wants to move in, so we will see you on the next one.

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