Siding Removal Shows Just How Bad This Is | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #14

Hey everybody welcome back to the homestead. The video you’re about to watch was shot two days ago. I’M shooting this now as a precursor before we post that video to go live. What we found in the video you’re about to see prompted us to drop a hefty chunk of change for us on something that’s going to improve the quality of our home, say hello to my filtrates friend. Got a hepa air filter set that down.

I hit the camera a previous take so have a hepa air filter. We got from Lowe’s that we’re going to stick in the bedroom, it’s rated and designed to filter out and purify the year. So that’s what we hope it does all right guys without further ado. Here’S the video that you all are probably dying to see it’s a doozy, well welcome back it’s the next day and we’re where we have been for a while. We just got back from Lowe’s and we’ve picked up two different things to help address our water leak.

Issues. First is some waterproof flashing tape. This is probably more ideal for windows and doors, but it’s super sticky tape. Then we’ll try and repair the gutters with and fill in any kind of holes in the siding um. We have plans to address and fix the exterior of our home.

It’S just not right now, so this is a patch literally and we’ll fix it later in the future. Also, what we’re there! We saw some of this rubber flex spray on the ceiling stuff, no clue if it’s gon na work, but we’ll give it a shot too and probably try this on the gutter, because it’s black. So we don’t want to spray it on any other non dark areas. But I’m going to get the ladder and go outside and we’ll address that first, so we’re outside of the house now this is the other side of the wall where the kitchen is – and this is where we came yesterday and notice that it was leaking.

We think there’s probably this is like a hole in a divot or think that’s what’s funneling water in and under the house, but I’m gon na start pulling some of this off to kind of investigate and find out a little bit more all right. I almost need this give us enough room to get in here and see what’s going on: okay, yeah, so that’s probably what’s causing the water leak because it does go under this rim joist and that’s the issue, that’s where it was leaking. I’M going to pull this next section off to make sure there’s no similar issues here and then I’m going to fix this, while it’s full that looks good hello, kitchen or dining room, I guess but yeah yeah. So this is exactly the spaces that we pulled insulation out last night. So all right do a little cleanup work and take work and see you guys in just a second.

This is where all the water was funneling in and it’s really bent out of shape. So I’m trying to bend it back to keep the water from funneling in so we’re a little bit further down on the wall, because we want to see what this looks like further down and there’s also a wasp nest in there somewhere and we’re thinking. If it’s an epic huge wasp nest, you might want to see it because we want to see it. Let’S hope I don’t get stung at least you’re, not allergic. That was one that just fell out that was dead.

I tried to spray this nest at one time. I don’t know if I got it though go get her dead. Well, are you sure, I’m sure look alive? Well, yeah? I did all right.

They just said that they can’t move. I know that was definitely dead, whoo chill bumps all right, we’ll move truth. Take this siding off I’ll see, what’s going on, let’s see it, there’s half of it! There’S the other half and oh my gosh look at our bedroom wall. Oh how’s apply all right.

This is dry. This is old, rot. So that’s good. That means fixed electrical fire waiting to happen well, at least the wasp nest is dead. Any other comments I can understand why it’s in use at this point you pre-much, like let’s just tear it all apart and start anew, but we can’t do that.

We don’t have that luxury, so it’s gon na fight our desire to do that. We’Re gon na have to just put it back as best we can for right now, knowing that we will fix this in the future. We just can’t do it right now, wind out of the workshop and dug around spare parts, and this isn’t what you want to use. This is what I found to use as a replacement nail plate for this wire. Like we said earlier, this will get addressed just not today, so this is a fixed temporary fix, but this will allow me to put this wire back up in place and hold it safely and be pretty good, of course, of course, of course, the battery’s dead.

Why wouldn’t it be it’s just like two feet that way just in the wrong direction: hey Hill yeah by moving it down, and I don’t like the wire resting on the edge of this metal strap. So I move it down to where it’s only gon na hit the wood at the bottom. Here we go now unless gravity reverses this wire won’t be touching the side of this metal bracket anywhere, in which case we’d have bigger problems. Okay, we’ve cut this L bracket here and we’re going to use it to secure and strengthen the stud here and that’s the wrong one. That’S really stiff this one that one no just meet the next.

No, this one all right this one, we’re gon na secure and stiffen this up here again again fast job, but that’s what this is all about time. One thing at a time right: it looks really gnarly, but there is still a good bit of wood still here. It’S just rotting right here at the bottom, from an old leak. That’S before we replaced the window lot stronger now, so I actually had the idea of robbing some of these pan head Phillips screws. We had on some other trim pieces out here to attach this much better and flatter so good job, Angela, getting ready to flash tape over this to just make it totally sealed up and then, of course, get these rubber head.

Roofing screws, which I have a lot of when I built my workshop and fill in all these other screws, that I’ve robbed Andy the whole, be fine. So Angela talked me into trying the rubber Flex spray on here. Instead, there’s only like one little pinhole, maybe that one, so this should work pretty good. The only bummer is: we’ve got the black because we had the white. We decided to choose the black, but it’s gon na stick out, but whatever it’s not really remember.

My house is so pretty, though oh yeah, I think I haven’t floor. Leaks is more of a bummer than black-on-brown. That’S different! We’Re not impressed with the spray on flex seal when you still see a little bit of holes here and there and we’ve done about three coats so I’ll go ahead and use some of this window flashing, which I am very impressed with you peel this off and It’S pretty much like at our super super sticky layer, so we’re gon na put this on here as well. We don’t want this to mess up on us later, you’re gon na, take it off it’s upside-down.

Yeah! We’Ll do that to me. I was really wondering what I did wrong like something I do to you. Ah that flex stuff all over me. Yeah, that’s a lot better.

We are inside the house now, we’ve got all the stuff outside taken care of, and now we are going to address the floor. We’Ve already put down to see you why it slopes down in comparison to the new floor, so we’ve got to go and tear up the OSB that we’ve already put down and fix that first, what should be easy right yeah? It should be easy turn that OSB up not tearing it up, sorry unscrewing it and properly removing it in a careful fashion. So I found out that the blocking is off by two popsicle sticks hi. So we’re going to go down to the workshop and cut a small shim to place underneath it, so we don’t have to remove everything we’re back in the workshop.

We got our shims cut good and put on this board and get back to square one. Now we’re back with shim set number two hope this works. Well angel is attaching that back down on the floor, we’ll go ahead and do the blocking for this next piece that we’re gon na put down all the blocking is done. Angel has the other s be reattached, it’s all level. So now we can take this full sheet here, get it in place.

Attach it that’s kind of a long way around. It gives. At this point, yeah yeah check this out walking on the new floor all the way from Angela to the living room. Look at that so Angela’s, not in the mood to take any kind of break. We are maximizing the fact that her mom is watching our voice.

We’Re gon na tear the well not tear we’re gon na move the stove out of the way and we’re gon na continue with this width of flooring all the way to the wall, which is what we started two days ago. If you remember two or three days ago, two or three days ago, we can’t remember we’re finally actually getting there there. You go that 30 don’t go with before that’s a lot more sturdy than this. Was it’s not sturdier than my foot? Oh, that’s dirty!

Go wiggle chip lash her jiggle whiplash, there’s not ever been any water right there. I just finished all the blocking for the next sheet right here and Angela’s cutting me. My last blocking that’ll go from this last joist and under the wall to the other. We’Re not really sure what to do with the plumbing just yet. As far as proper floor support, we are gon na have to cut this off, to install the base, cabinets and everything, but we do plan on reusing all of this black ABS there’s nothing wrong with it, the Studer event right there.

It still works, it doesn’t leak. So it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so I’m just gon na cut it we’ll put the cabinet in and then I’ll glue a coupler in place. It’Ll be good. I am going to go ahead and run to pet pipes and see them right here. I’Ve got two half-inch pieces, 10 feet long, red and blue.

I’M go go ahead and run them to here and then fish them under the floor over towards the washer. That’S where the main I guess water line or artery for the house is it’s over. On that side, so I’m gon na fish it under there and then, when we get to the point of doing the floor in the laundry room, I’ll tie it in or decide what to do with it. Then I know this gray. Poly butylene pipe is no good because we moved the house here.

We had several of the connections come apart, him break, and that was a fiasco in of itself. As far as getting water lines connected, the back bathroom is totally PEX. The washing laundry hookup is totally PEX. This will be packs front. Bathroom specs, the only things that’ll remain: poly, poly butylene.

I think it’s poly butylene, it’s not polyethylene, whatever gray pipe is the main run from my bathroom to laundry laundry and then to bathroom. So a little bit of pcs we can put in when we can. It is well worth it. I have the ends taped up, so they stay clean and I got them taped together with some Luna all right. I’Ve decided to go ahead and cut this right about here.

I’Ll leave myself enough sticking up out of the floor, but also enough here to do a coupler on, because I just want to drill a hole in this new floor. That’S going down just for the supply and drain lines to fit through tear this tape off we’ll get this p-trap out of here. Hey perfect timing, don’t tilt that just sit outside we’re gon na need it later and now, because we don’t really like the smell of sewer in the house. You just were weird like that. I’M gon na tape this up close as best as I can, whether it be a little bit wet from that water.

Here we go now: that’s nice and caps, a better current supply lines and our new ones and everything’s real happy right. There happy little pipes! Well guys, that’s it for today what a day I’d say, we got a good bit done. It was a lot more productive or productive, productive, oh yeah! It was a productive hold a productive day with the boys at my mom’s.

We did get some outside time. Oh yeah, that was fun, um talk about just knowing that this is the tip of the iceberg with the house, but it’s okay, we’ll get it done. We will it’s worth it. It is definitely well I’m too tired to think anything else other than thanks for watching. We didn’t get all this floor done so we’ll save that fun for another day.

I don’t know if it’ll be tomorrow. Cuz Angela works tomorrow. We’Re kind of keeping our fingers crossed that tomorrow, while she’s at work I’ll call the store they may have the window. We need for the kitchen and if so, the boys and I’ll take a little miniature road trip down and get that. Maybe that’s about an hour drive, I think yeah, probably so, and what do you think you think we got two days left to flooring?

I don’t want to guess um, considering maybe three consider this took us two days just well. We had to go back and do some stuff too. I know so I don’t know I don’t know if we have two days or 10 days left, hopefully only two or three right, regardless of what we have we’ll be sure and bring you guys along yeah leave us a comment below we love reading them. We’Re trying to respond as fast as we can, but with us working a lot and you guys leaving a lot of comments which we love. We’Re not super fast on it, but we will get to you.

So definitely do that and we appreciate it ditto all right. Let’S find something for dinner for the boys, it’s like 8 o’clock and we have no kitchen so PB & J, no just Pb Pb Pb with bread. Alright, guys see ya, see ya the one we get on camera strips out amateur, so we’ve got to this window. Is sugar sugar that so we found out the thickness of the joist differences form saying and rip a scrap piece of wood to this thickness come back and shim up that joist that the so yeah? Well, we we figured out the original, so I found out that the block place underneath it, so we don’t have to remove everything.

I said that a lot smoother than me, those previous tries I’m gon na look taller, cuz, I’m on wood. That’S right! You gon na! Be talking I’m too tired to be taller. You

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