All right, I don’t even know if I want to show you this room, but we have to have a before, and this is quite the before we just have junk in here. This is kind of where coffee has been sleeping and there’s just junk everywhere, and toys, and it’s just very very neglected in here – and this is basically where this is basically where Joel and I have stored stuff that we don’t know exactly what to do with. And so we are going to redo it so that Cody has a place for his stuff and so that Cody and Boston can share this room. Huh can share this room huh. The baby will be not in this room, it’s quite impossible to catch everything on film, because it is quite impossible to catch everything on film because Joel once he has something in his mind.

It’S like he waits for another lager. So we got every Oliver junk cleaned out of this closet, and now oh did you have to whip something off the ceiling? Oh, those are the that was the panel type, the panel ceiling panels, so you’re gon na shoot right that you just ripped down the shots. Julie you wan na you gon na want this stuff on the labor here, the vlogger by the kids. Are you okay?

Do you know where your work gloves are get your clubs is the hardest thing for me is to like. Let him help well like I want to, and I wanted to be, a part was like this is so much slower pace, but I just I didn’t even get a complete before on this, so, as you can see where Joel is ripping down this wall, that was, I don’t even know it’s funny, but there’s just this like weird little nut right here, but we’re gon na take out cuz, it’s weird, my gosh strong mom. When I said prison, they got me strong when you said prayers, it got you strong. That is amazing faith. Something with remodeling an older home, there is always always something unexpected and we are dealing with the unexpected right now tonight.

Joel is going to finish off the caulking and that usually takes a lot of time because you have to call every single edge in like the entire room. I had no idea that it didn’t tell so much anyway, so we’re gon na finish, caulking and puttying. The nail holes, but we are taking a little break, and this is basically what we do every time we like redo rooms and stuff, the kids are asleep. They’Ve had like what apple sauce for dinner and we’re having this, and I am going to sit and watch Joel you’re sitting like such a boy Travon you suit, like that, I don’t look like a caveman got my break fill me. How do I look sitting here?

Probably a little horrendous. This is how I’m sitting while I eat it needs Indian Styles weird! Well, I’m not quite my legs are too fat for Indian style. Can’T get him to go that far yeah. My legs are way too fat too.

I couldn’t sit like that. If I tried yeah well, this is the only option is so thank you. Okay, we have one coat of paint on this wall. It’S like a light gray, blue color. It’S called cool gray and you just started about me a big turf.

That’S the crappy part about projects is they’re, so fun at first now, that’s coming along there’s like good. Please just be over yeah. So let’s speed this up, but you don’t want it dripping like relaxed code. Okay, come on now come here. Okay, let’s try this again.

Okay, double marks here, the other side yeah hold on code, bend your wrist. Okay, go right there, okay, straight off! You want to do it yeah! You do Sammis your hand. Do it straight out like this straight out?

Let’S get your hand you right in the paint. Why you think she’s like excited to do it right now, put it up top a little bit, so it’s not like these cuz cues, a little terrific there you go. Let’S see it’s perfect! Well, you got to get it stick. I know it’s good.

That’S great! There’S! Just a lot: okay, but that’s perfect, hey come here pretty tightly, maybe put up my Cody Cody step back. Okay, open your hands, open your hand, look open your hand like this open your hand, open your hand. Oh look, Oh Boston!

Oh perfect! Oh sure, we should try to get right again. Lower, okay, open your hand, okay prep. This is so hard. This is why you do feet with little kids.

Okay, let’s go watch your hand. Yeah well shoot, see Boston. It looks like you were like climbing down. I cannot believe that this room is done. This room is finally finished.

Hey stop it he’s like following me around in a circle, I’m like hello. We are gon na walk you through everything that we did so there’s two things that we didn’t redo other than that everything got redone. We did not put a new door right here, because when we redo the basement, we want all the basement doors new. At the same time, and then the carpet same with the carpet, so the carpet boo is like horrendous. It’S uh eat, but we’re just not gon na look at it.

Joel did the lights, we did, recessed can lights, and these are four inch. We have five upstairs, but I kind of like the floor. Yeah. You framed the windows to work mm-hmm. You framed the windows, they look beautiful.

It’S gon na look pretty rough before Oh well. Around the window is pretty rough, but it looks super clean now, um. We did not put the shelves in right here, yet we were gon na put shelves in right here, but we just were not exactly sure what we wanted to do, and so we just left eggs. We can always put the shelves in later. It’S kind of a weird little nook, but we’re not sure what we’re gon na do with it yeah.

So we just didn’t do anything like it. I like the way that it looks now. I think that it’s really cute and the kids will put everything in that. No they’re gon na hide there, so we did replace the two doors and then you can open up Joe. So we replace those doors, Joel did the inside and it looks so good.

He even has the baseboards in here and then look at these cute little ham. Brands in Boston, Scott, I’m glad you got rid of the first one, because that was a little horrifying one. Other thing we have to do is order blinds for that window. That’S like Cody’s number one request and we just have not done it yet, but we just need we need to order the blinds. I never done.

It feels so good to be done. Joel. Thank you for meow. I know we were so sick of this project. We’Re seriously so sick of this project, all the paint colors and like the name of the doors and all that kind of stuff we’ll have listed below so that, if you do have questions on what it is, you can just refer to the description bar because I’m Sure people will want to know so.

Thank you guys for watching we’re so excited yeah. Thank you. This old house Cody’s room. That’S what it is. I had a really nice time.

Apparently I didn’t arrange the Tonka trucks the right way. It’S like I’ve never played with Tonka trucks before or something this is part of. Your contractor’s license is talking truck work now. Okay, honestly, having these Tonka trucks in here is like the cutest thing in the world sidenote. All of these are actually mine from when I was a kid mm-hmm.

Yes it for this one, but I had one, but I just destroyed it: hey Cody, one first, first birthday, something yeah yeah off eBay, we paid for it. Didn’T we

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