My 3D Home Theatre / Gaming Setup (Panasonic 65″ VT30 x2)

I’ve just been browsing around online and I’ve notice that a lot of you have uploaded custom videos of yourselves showing off your home theater setup or your gaming setup. Pretty much you’re shown how you play your games and so on, and I thought to myself, you know now would be a best time for me to do this. Seeing I’ve just updated all my equipment again. Those of you who know me personally know that I update all my equipment very regularly. I guess you can say I like to keep up to date with all the new stuff.

That’S you know out on the market bless him. I get this from my old man fully passed away. He it was a lot like. It was a lot like this a lot like me. He used to buy old latest stuff with latest gadgets and whatnot.

So I guess it’s kind of rubbed off on me. A little bit: okay, basically I’m going to give you a rundown of them all of all my equipment and how I play my games and and how I watch my my blu-ray movies. Okay, to start off its my this here’s my pride and glory, my Panasonic 65 inch 3d TV, it’s known as the Panasonic VT 30. It’S pretty much the best, the biggest the best 3d television in Europe today, there’s nothing, there’s nothing bigger or better than this. The time I got this, it was around 4,200 pounds if you’re lucky, you might be able to pick one up for about 3,800.

If you know where to look when this first hit the market a few months back, there were 5000 pounds, it was really really really expensive. So I kind of waited till the price to drop down a little bit along with that. It came with two pairs of 3d glasses and I’ve got another two here that came with the other Panasonic 65-inch VT 30. I have this ones in the living room. It’S for the whole family and obviously this one here is in the guest room.

Most of the time – it’s it’s just for me so and apart from those I’ve got an extra five pairs that I bought separately. They they retail around 120 pounds each, but I don’t know if the price has gone down. Maybe you can get them for about 90 pounds if you look somewhere like Amazon or somewhere like that, in particular sound wise I’ve got them, I’m using the Pioneer vs x, LX 55 home theater amplifier. Basically, that just gives the the whole cinema feel to your music. Your games, you know, and things like that new films, it connects that it connects to all the speakers in the room and I’ll go through that in a second for my speakers, I’m using the Pioneer s 71 s at the front, the two front ones they cost Me just under twelve hundred pounds for the two and I’m using the S 31 series Center speaker that one its own set me back around 250 pounds and for the rear.

This is one there at the back and then there’s another one over there. Better s. 31 series matching pair – they set me back around 450 pounds for the pair and, as I said before, my vs x, LX, 50 55 amp, and that set me back just under a thousand pounds. Okay and I’ve got my blu-ray player here as far as in ways I don’t know if it still is running mine, I’ve had it for just just about just about a year. Now it’s the the best blu-ray player on the market.

It’S all touch, control, see all lights up, so that’s that switch that back off enough. For that the other side of the room. This is where the guests sit. You can see my cat sit in there. We got another television up here.

It’S a full HD TV. This is for the guess, you know when they, when I sit around here all together and they feel out watching something on television, okay, what I’m going to do as well! I’Ve got my iPad here and pretty much. This is controlling the whole whole room see. So I could turn the volume down turn it up pretty much select what I want to do so from when I play on the PlayStation.

I just push PlayStation 4. When I play on the Xbox, I push Xbox 360 or if I want to watch sky, see what sky HD see in see. So let’s come up see. So if I push Xbox that should come on there we go also I’ve got remote control lighting. So if I stand over here, I can control all the lights in the room just by one click.

So when a film starts, you’ll go into movie mode, which is what it’s on now, where all the lights in the room will switch off and you just have the lamps on or if you don’t like, that, you can just switch the lamps off completely and enjoy The movie and then when the film’s finished, all the lights will come back on and that’s that what I’m going to do? I’M going to put a game on quick to show you what it’s like on this television. I won’t be playing because I would be able to play on the Xbox in one hand, it’s a seem possible and what I’m going to do a little rod of volume here. So if I keep moving that there we go and the lights will dim down. [, Music ], you [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], see, as you can see, with the rear speakers, what they, what they do there.

Their sole purpose is to give you a proper rear, sound field. So I just send us down so, for example, with a game like this boxing game from the rear. You would hear the crowd cheering and with the front speakers you would hear the fight, so it really puts you, it really puts you in the zone and if I go back to normal TV, so if I push push sky, no simple, –, a No! So back the twelve-month sense of tunnel car insurance. So that’s that, and obviously delights will just come back home by click over a button.

Okay, plus I got my two Macintoshes. I got my 17-inch MacBook Pro. Am I 11 inch MacBook Air? My MacBook Pros got all my movies on and I can get that to stream wirelessly to either the television there. The one here there’s the 65, each 3d TV or the other 65 inch Panasonic 3d TV in the living room, okay, [, Music, ] and sort of that’s it.

So now I’ve got my playstation 3. That’S the control sensor, as I said, is running on my iPad and yeah. That’S my own theater setup. Remember to leave your comments below. Let me know what you think: cheers guys: peace,

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