Mobile Home Window Replacement – Kinro Low-E Vinyl Windows on Aluminum Metal Siding Home

Hey guys and welcome to the homestead what whoa whoa whoa, that’s, not our normal intro. What is hang on, i, like things a certain way: okay, hey guys, my name is sam and i’m angela and we’re green acre homestead. Is that better much better, i’m more comfortable! Now i feel like i was wearing someone else’s underwear for a second gross we are outside. This is the back of our house right here.

Is the back door nobody’s home and we’re underneath our back porch, but that’s not the focus of this video. What’S the focus of this video, we are going to finish out the windows. Now everyone’s going to be really confused with that statement, because weren’t we done didn’t, we do the windows in our house. We did. There were two: what kind of windows do you call those they don’t open windows, not window windows, so we figured, we would leave them because they don’t open, they were fine, they are double pane.

Yeah they’re just like panes of glass on our was it 1988 single eye mobile home. So so we were going to leave them until a crack had formed in one and then a piece came out so now water can get down in between the panes yeah mysteriously. Somehow the window got worse and you didn’t do it, i didn’t do it and the story on the street or the word on the street is not me, did it if you’re a parent? You know all about this, not me person and if we ever find them save them and we’ll save them for you and you save them for us. So, yes, we’re gon na be swapping the windows out of our dining room of our mobile home right.

Here’S a look at the window of a fence right here is where there’s crack and now there’s an opening. So this one’s going to go and for those of you don’t know it’s really bright, i’m leaving a few for you, honey thanks boy that one was straight now we go up here, i’ll go down here, yeah save some fun for me. Oh, i am saving fun for you, there’s one right there. Oh two, four here: okay, now i caught every one of mine, oh that one was difficult to do because it’s stripped out it’s just spinning in the oh okay, in the rotten hole. No, it’s not rotten.

Don’T say that i don’t want any extra work yeah. I think this nut driver is about shot well. These are also really bad. I see now, while you quit it’s wonderful when it doesn’t work and everybody’s watching. That’S all right.

It’S all to show you how much fun you two could be having this could be you right here. Good see, there wasn’t rotten wood, it was just a bad nut driver all right. You got two more up there. I know it’s gon na be difficult that one’s angled down from the top, because you know, let’s not make it easy or logical all right. I have to get a elevation device gosh.

Really it’s just right in the way did i have to get a wrench on the ones on the other part of the house? I don’t recall i did. The top screws are not really accessible by the drill. So angela got me a quarter inch ammo a quarter, inch wrench and i’m gon na take them out by hand this way not as fun, but should work having fun yeah. This is awesome.

I love it. It’S so cool yay! Here we go all the screws are taken out so now we’re going to use our 10 000 1 tool as we call it and go ahead and start prying between the window and the house siding to start pulling it apart, which i don’t think it’ll be very Difficult because it’s cold today, so the adhesive is probably going to be not sticky and it’s also really old. So it’s going to be not sticky. The biggest thing you have to worry about with this is not to tear your siding.

You want to be careful because the siding is aluminum on these old trailers or mobile homes. All right! So now we’re going to first look at this dual pane window. It’S honestly just a piece of glass held in there with the little quarter round, molding and trim from inside the house wow top of the line top of the line. Let me go push on the inside yeah.

Do that but wrap a towel around your hand. I don’t want to break on you, but that’s probably a good idea. It’S on camera, oh man, it bounced off the steps and it did fine but yeah it didn’t, handle the grocks too. Well. Okay, guess what i get to do: a thousand piece, pickup thousand pistol.

We are so redneck, oh my gosh thumbs up for rednecks pushing windows out of their house, so we found out that we’re going to have to take this old trim out, because the windows that we have now are just a little bit thicker than the old windows. So out it comes man, man, i’m working so hard. Does your husband just sit back and make you do all the work? No, this is the fun part. Tell the truth.

This is the fun part. Did he tell you to do that? No she’s all about the demolition, reconstruction and painting, apparently, is my forte. Well yeah you’re, the builder you have to twist it and you’re. The breaker see look at that face demolition right there, who is it chip and joanna gaines ain’t got nothing on us.

You guys don’t see them in some old 80s single wide. What the finger of talk this is paint. It’S not mold. That’S good! Sam’S paint job multiple layer paint job there.

Would you call it the finger of caulk yeah yeah finger talk. This is about to talk about this right here, where the fingers pointing in all seriousness, it is actually really surprising that none of this windows framing or seals have any science site sign of dry, rot leakage, mold or issues that says a lot. I don’t know what it says, but it says a lot of that since every other window we’ve redone has some rot yeah some is putting it lightly. Remember that kitchen window on it’s got some rot in there. You know.

Take an eight foot section of your house wall apart. We have our new window here and before i put any sealant on this at all, i want to dry fit it and make sure that we’re correct in our measurements and everything looks good all right. I got the opening adjusted and everything ready to rock and roll the window fits. Thankfully i am getting ready to put the sealant on the house now. You can do this two ways you can put it on the window itself or on the flange or on the house.

In this case, i’m gon na stick on the house. Never know next window might do it on the window either way as long as it’s between the window and the house. That’S what you want the product i’m using is called lexel. It is my favorite sealant hands down it’s clear. It’S waterproof instantly!

It’S paintable, it’s flexible! It’S good stuff, it’s also not too cheap, but you know hey. You want your house leaking. I’M gon na put a bead of the sealant all around the perimeter of the window and then smush the window in place, even though this is being really difficult to squeeze out because it’s kind of chilly today, i think we’re around 38 degrees. Maybe the application temperature for this goes all the way down to zero degrees, fahrenheit, so good stuff, all right i’ll pass off.

No i’ll pass the camera off to me. The window is in place just temporary right now, angel’s going to run inside real, quick and align me left right, front center front and back and all that to make the window centered in the opening. So so that looks really good. Let’S go: take a look from the inside and see how it looks in there. So do i just got the outside window out, but i’m going to wait until angela gets back from the post office and grocery store to get the inside glass pane out the one that we broke on the first window while i’m waiting.

I want to take a second and tell you guys first off. Thank you so much for those of you who have ordered some of our soaps and stuff from our website. Angela took a big load of stuff off just now, and it really means a lot to us. So we really really appreciate that. The second thing i want to say is that this installation is meant to be a how-to for mobile homes, with metal siding.

It’S mostly mobile homes, probably built in the mid-1990s and older, and it’s going to be a very different scenario than what you see with homes or newer modular manufactured homes. The window replacement procedure for this style home is more along the lines you’ll see from a aluminum camper or vintage camper, more so than from a home. What i mean by that is the windows actually adhere and screw on the outside outside of the siding, and they just kind of hang out there and that’s how things work now that i think of it not very much. Unlike the portholes on ships, i guess i just wanted to point that out for anyone watching wondering why we’re doing the window like we are. This is a tried and true method for our house.

We’Ve had the other homes windows done for about two and a half years now, exact same way, no leaks, no problems, no issues at all, so we’re confident in showing you this as a one method that works for us and should probably also work for you as Well, i’m gon na take a second inside and go ahead and move this shelf back over to this corner. I really hate this shelf. I want to come up with a better solution for storing our printer and homeschool stuff and crafts and stuff, but that’s not the point right now i get sidetracked. I want to go ahead and move the table and everything over enough to give angela room to hit this window. Well, not hit it but get to this window.

So we can get that tour out and hopefully put back all together without it getting dark on us or getting too late. So enough talking more working, okay, it’s not perfect, but there’s enough room to get there now. So we get this window taken out and everything. Okay still didn’t catch it, but it didn’t break this time. Yes, i’m see what i’m afraid of as you push through it’s going to shatter on me.

That’S why i’m that’s why i’m wimpy, but hey this one came out and didn’t break. Do interior view. Look, it opens perfect timing, it was that was awesome, so they look great. They look really really good from the outside, because now we no longer have two old windows with our other new windows and i’m gon na look great in here. Once we do the trim and molding too so cost how much do the windows cost 100 each so 200 bucks for windows?

These are kenro brand windows and they are special size for mobile homes. So 100 per windows is a lot if you go to lowe’s, probably, but these are weird sizes for mobile homes. Another thing um. I looked online at like one of the mobile home discount places and it was going to be, i think, 110 each and then you’re gon na have to pay like 60 70 for shipping. So i found a place that was kind of local that had mobile home stuff and contacted them to see if they could order them, they could and they were 98 each and i didn’t have to pay for shipping a lot cheaper, so that’d be a tip for Anyone, if you have a mobile home parts, store nearby, call them and see if they can order them.

If not, you can get them on the internet and it’s going to cost a little bit in shipping. Hello. Everyone hope you enjoyed us showing you how to put windows in an old metal, siding single, wide mobile home. I don’t know, there’s too many videos out there at least new ones or recent ones. So hopefully this is helpful if nothing else entertaining thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time bye, you

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