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Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

I’D like to give you some basic information on a ductless heating and cooling option, we offer from Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating. So what is a ductless mini-split? They are electric heating and cooling systems that do not require ductwork. You might also hear them referred to as duct free systems. They provide a great solution for rooms where extending current ductwork are putting new ductwork in, is not possible or is cost prohibitive, they’re a popular option for customers who wish to heat or cool their add-on rooms.

Like finished basements garages or sun rooms, the most common system is an AC only system. This would be used in homes that only need a cooling solution, so homes that currently have a non ducted heating system, like boilers or homes, located in a temperate climate like South Florida or Hawaii, no matter what time of year are what part of the country a Room with this type of system will always be the exact temperature, the customer desires. These ductless systems can also heat and cool your home. These systems are referred to as heat pumps and can provide both heating and cooling features. They can efficiently heat a space even when outdoor temperatures drop as low as negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

The systems come in a variety of capacity sizes, with a single zone or room application being the most common. This is when a mini-split is used to condition just one room or area of a home. Another common misperception is that they can only be used for single zone applications. Actually multi zone applications are increasingly popular as ductless mini-split. Technology now allows for up to eight indoor units to operate off of one condenser they’re highly energy efficient.

In fact, they have energy efficiency ratings as high as 26 year. This is well above the Department of Energy’s minimum of 13, and we offer many Energy Star rated models. An interesting fact about Mitsubishi Electric indoor units is that their inverter driven systems can use as little electricity as a 40 watt light bulb. So what makes them so much more efficient than say a window unit Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems use inverter technology, so they don’t switch off and on to maintain a rooms temperature with Mitsubishi, Electric’s, inverter, driven compressor systems. When you need to use the cooling function, the system comes on at a low level.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the unit operates continuously at a steady low speed. It may seem like it would take more energy to run constantly, but the system actually saves energy. Since it doesn’t need those strong jolts of energy to get the temperature down traditional HVAC systems, heat and cool the entire home – and you do not have the ability to customize the temperature in each room, heating and cooling. Your whole home adds more cost to your utility belt. Ductless mini-split systems have built in high performance air filters that are easy to clean and maintain keeping the air clean, while saving money with regular cleaning.

These filters can last up to 10 years. Ductless mini-split systems are easy to install and the installation process is not disruptive to the customer. An indoor unit is placed in each room that will be conditioned. These are typically placed close to the ceiling in order to maximize air flow and temperature consistency. The outside unit is much smaller than traditional HVAC units, so customers have more flexibility and where they can be placed it’s placed outside the home, but can easily fit on a balcony or in another small space.

A 3-inch hole is drilled through the wall to run the refrigerant and electrical lines from the outside to the room or rooms that will have an indoor unit. Most systems can be installed in a day or less

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