Metal Roofing & Siding – Top 10 Reasons to Choose it

Metal roofing and metal siding. I love them. Here’S my top ten reasons why you should consider it for your build. If you got a build in your future, I think you should consider metal for either your roof or your siding or both here’s. My top 10 reasons.

Why number one longevity, a metal, roof or metal siding is really a lifetime product, certainly your lifetime, and maybe even for a few generations to come. Number two: no painting and no maintenance. This metal comes factory painted, and it’s got a kind r500 finish. So this has a 25 to 30 year, warranty, depending on the paint that you choose or the finish number three efficiency. If you’re in the South, like I am you want a light-colored roof or light-colored siding white galvalume, great choices, we’ve got a radiant barrier because we’ve got an air gap behind this metal number four on the list is easy.

Install. You know I’m using a professional roofer to do my siding and roofing on this house, but this could be a do-it-yourself project, especially if you’re, using a face screw in number five easy removal for maintenance. You can remove a panel on your roof for your siding. Do what you need to and put it back without having to destroy that panel number six recyclable. This metal panel is 30 to 60 percent recycled content when we get it on the job and at the end of its lifespan, it’s still going to be ultra valuable.

It’S not going to end up in the landfill. Alright number: seven, no rot with a metal panel. We’Ve got no issues with rot like weirded wood or an asphalt. Shingle roof number eight easy to clean. You know with a full metal skin on this house.

It’D be really easy to do a quick power washing and make this house look brand new, again number nine hail and fire resistance here in Texas we get hail storms all the time and a metal roof can take that storm without getting damaged. Wildfires are a big issue in a lot of parts of the country and a metal roof or metal. Siding is a class, a fire protector for your house. Okay, in the last reason I like metal, when we’re building super efficient houses like I am, I can make really easy metal trim pieces for my windows and doors and I can add, super thick insulation on the outside of my walls or my roof. It makes it really easy when you’re using metal a trim piece.

That’S an l-shape can go around these windows and I can use three four six: eight inches of foam on the outside of the house and really conceal that nicely with metal, hey for more information on metal, roofing or siding visit. My get Matt Reisinger calm. Otherwise, I’d love to have you follow me on Twitter. Instagram, we’ll see you next time.

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