Metal Roof Color: How To Pick The Best Color For Your Roof

How do you choose the best color for your roof and how do you consider color trends, experts from Cheryl Williams answer these questions on today’s Q & A Monday, [ Music ]? What’S up guys welcome to the metal roofing channel, I’m fab Barnett with Sheffield metals got atom izella back with me and again we’re here at the Sherwin Williams facility in warrens Ville Heights, Ohio, some very special guests. Are you guys doing? Thank you very much. Steven Lee and Jeff Alexander from Sherman Williams, I appreciate you being on the show today great to be here great to be here that so check out in the description.

We’Ve got every question we talked about today. You can jump ahead with a quick link and get right to that question, and today it’s gon na be a great episode because we’re talking about colors and how to choose the best color for your roof. So why don’t we start here? Are there’s some general guidelines for choosing a roof color or does anything go well really, nearly anything goes. It’S it’s up to the homeowner and and to some degree, the metal supplier to to provide the colors.

But really it really comes down to personal preference right and then beyond that you know. Certainly you want to consider some certain environmental factors. What’S going on in your neighborhood, where you’re kind of geographically located. Do you want something of a higher SR? I value things like that and color can impact that and can an HOA have a deciding factor in color as well.

Absolutely some HOAs will only allow, for you, know: low glass, low gloss, colors, you know, or only allow you to have certain SSRIs. So you must have a minimum SR I or higher on a steep slope at location. So what about color trends? How does a building owner consider color trends when choosing color? You know, I think it’s something a lot of people pay attention to, but you know they’re they’re not beholden to it.

So you know, for instance, today, you know a lot of darker colors are in you know the matte blacks, the the charcoal grays things like that, and you know just an example. You know 20 years ago, Matt Black was one of the slowest moving colors and in 2018 it was one of our most popular colors and you kind of see it more and more out there in the industry and not just metal roofing, but you’ll see it on. You know doors and trims, and things like that as well. What kind of drives that? Why does that change in such a short period of time?

It’S a great question that, and it Jeff mentions personal preference earlier when we were talking about color trends and that’s the one trend I would say over the last 10 years that we’ve seen consistently growing is a personal expression and individuality. Whether it is the case on our mobile phones or our cars, or our social media profiles, homeowners and and consumers in general are looking for more and more ways that they can express their individuality. So it’s natural that they would look for ways to express their individuality with the color of their home. Let’S take a look at at location. How does location factor into color choice?

Are there different trends for different areas? Yeah, absolutely I mean you look at some popular things. You know Florida. For instance, you know Spanish tile is very popular in Florida, but people are also looking for something that’s going to perform like a standing, seam el roof system. So you know in Florida you see a lot of the Spanish tile colors.

The terracotta is the colonial Reds. You go to an area that you know is more kind of earth tones, be at the mountains or Plains. You see more earth tones in those types of areas, the Browns, the the tans. You know the lighter grays things like that and furthermore, you go to tropical areas. You might see more of the aged coppers and patina greens kind of more of that tropical color.

You know softer feel to it right, so how do you make sure that your roof complements your siding and trim of your building your home? It’S a great question and obviously a lot of it is the the preference of the homeowner together with designer and an architect. But the first place to start is to explore color, palettes and and available colors to really start to narrow down your search, yeah, yeah and and a lot of times. Somebody might come in with something abstract and realize that we have something on our 40-plus, PVDF or floorpan colors that are with they make an acceptable range and they don’t need to turn it into a custom project from there right yeah. So talk me through through that.

What if someone wants a non-standard color that you don’t offer provide? Well, we can match virtually any color. We do over 12,000 color matches a year, we’ve matched everything from bark on a tree to paper bags, really yeah, there’s really very few limitations on on two. What we can, what we can write color for – and you know beyond that when it comes from a consumer home own or building owner to us, it’s as simple as bringing in that paper bag. Bringing in that tree bark a lot of times, it’s something that they picked up, but you know a random paint store and they say this is what I want on my wall.

This is what I want on my roof and we can send it in and Valspar sherwin-williams can accommodate that. So, if someone can bring in anything to get a color match and get a custom color, why are their standard colors well their standard colors? Because those are you know what we look at as the available colors, that’s kind of common trends in the industry, beyond that those are the economical colors. So when you start looking at your typical residential homeowner, it’s generally a smaller quantity. It’S got to go through a whole manufacturing.

The paint processing coating process and this is very expensive. So it really depends on how much somebody really wants this custom color, particularly on a small run that will really make it or really drive the price of it up. Okay, conversely, if you’ve got a large quantity, let’s say it’s a big big-box brand retailer and they want their special blue. That’S when it’s going to get closer and closer to you know a baseline, yes, dynamic, sense allure. So what about other types of finishes?

Other than standard colors and custom colors what other types of finishes are there? Well, we provide a very wide range of colors that we might consider non-standard. For this conversation, we provide print coats that are used for both roofing and wall. We have texturized coatings. We have different sizes of textures we can put in in our coatings.

We have special effect coatings, different different degrees of sparkle and different different types of colors there, and we have a host of thick film coatings that are used can be used in industrial or corrosive environments. So we really have really have a rug. Does that include sea water, salt, water type, yeah? Yes, right, right up to the coastline, we have a coating system for that as well. Okay, so when you are looking to put a roof or wall system on your home or building, what are some practical steps that you can take and take all this information in a practical way to choose that color for your system?

Well, we have a handful tools. You know on our website, so there’s the virtual roof builder. That’S gon na get you kind of close enough. So what does a matte black roof? Look like what does a Evergreen roof?

Look like so on so forth. I think that’s a great first step beyond that. You know we encourage people to verify that color meaning it will not look like the color that you see on your computer screen. That could be because of the resolution of your screen, the brightness, you name it. So we want people to get the color that you know would be representative in their hands and how you do that is we have a color chip.

Rest request form on our website, whether you’re a homeowner architect. You know builder contractor you name it. We can get you color chips, you know pick and choose whatever ones you want, or if you want the full deck we can accommodate that. So that would be the most representative way, even more so than a color chart of identifying the color that you alternate. We want to put on your project awesome.

Well, thanks, so very much guys. I really appreciate it. I think we learned a lot and four color trends, especially there. You know a lot of times its abstract, but I’m really glad that we can put this into some practical knowledge for someone to use. Thank you again to Sherwin Williams, thanks Adam for being on the show subscribe to the metal roofing channel comment below.

If you have any questions, anything else check us out online at sheffield, Mel’s, comm and we’ll catch you next time: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ],

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