Increase Home Efficiency and Comfort by Adding STYROFOAM(TM) Brand Insulation When Residing

Reciting, an older home provides an opportunity to do much more than upgrade its curb appeal before hanging new exciting. Installing insulation will go a long way toward helping increase energy efficiency and overall comfort for years to come. Styrofoam brand tongue-and-groove insulation is perfect in this role. It effectively covers the entire wall, minimizing cold air, from penetrating into the home in the winter and keeping hot humid air out in the summer. It also provides a smooth level surface for mounting new siding when applied over siding.

That is already in relatively good condition available. In many home improvement, centers or through doused distributor Network styrofoam, tongue-and-groove insulation features an r-value of r5 per inch and exceptional moisture resistance. Its proprietary, closed cell structure allows it to defend against all forms of water and water vapor, so it maintains its high level of insulating performance over time, like any other project, dow recommends, reading the material safety data sheets and wearing proper safety equipment before starting styrofoam tongue-and-groove Insulation is easy to install over existing siding, using simple tools and techniques. It can also be applied directly over studs or non insulating sheath. It like OSB or plywood, when applying directly over existing siding, make sure to secure any loose, citing and replace or repair andy roddick.

Deciding trim sills or corner posts before installing the new insulation boards, also before you begin, remove all gutters, downspouts, shutters, molding and caulking. Around windows and doors connect the boards at the tongue and groove edges and secure the insulation with 3/8 inch, galvanized roofing nails or 1 inch, 16 gauge staples space, the fasteners a minimum of 24 inches apart along studs whenever possible, use a utility knife and straightedge to Trim the boards to conform to any irregular angles or projections, whether make construction tape, offers additional protection against air infiltration and moisture intrusion between insulation boards. Take this opportunity to install weather, make flashing around windows for added insulating performance weather made straight and flexible. Flashings provide a water resisted, seal at jams and headers, helping protect against water intrusion and moisture related damage. This is also a good time to look for any exterior penetrations that can be sealed with great stuff Pro gaps and cracks insulating foam sealant or enter foam professional foam sealant.

Once the styrofoam tongue-and-groove insulation is secured, install the new siding following manufacturer instructions make sure any mechanical fasteners are long enough to penetrate both the insulation and the substrate styrofoam brand tongue-and-groove insulation is just one of dowels insulating products appropriate for residing projects. A Dow representative will be happy to talk to you to help. You choose the right insulation for your home for more information and tips on using styrofoam brand tongue-and-groove insulation weather, make construction tape, weather maid, flashing, great stuff pro gaps and cracks; insulating foam sealant and our foam professional foam, sealant or other Dow residing solutions visit. The dow building solutions website you

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