IMAX Private Theatre™ – The World’s Most Luxurious Private Entertainment Experience

I max it immerses the audience in what’s going on in the movie, it pulls you into the screen. You become part of the movie. In effect, the color gamut is stronger. The contrast is stronger. The aspect ratio is bigger, the sound has been formatted specifically for IMAX.

It’S the best emotional way to experience a movie. Imax has focused exclusively on one thing: delivering the best movie experience possible in cinema now, for the first time in our history, we’re taking that philosophy and we’re bringing it somewhere else into the home. What you can do in a home theater that you cannot do in the commercial theaters bring up the level of design to match the level of Technology attention to detail. Is it’s probably the most important thing when you design anything, not just the consider, but anyway, in the starting point, is connecting with the clients imagination. You forget the fact that you’re in a room you’re now in the story, the imax private theater, is the sum of multiple things working together to give you that immersive experience a proprietary and custom sound system, a projection system specifically designed for that venue, a theater geometry Or an architecture of the room designed to immerse you in that experience, our approach here at IMAX is to look at what we’re doing look at what others are doing and look at a way of doing it better.

It’S a real cinema, sound system, it’s not home high five components that have been coerced into performing as if they were true cinema hardware. It is actually cinema hardware, we constantly have a flow of filmmakers and they want to see their movie and sign off on it. In the IMAX screening room here in Santa Monica and our offices, and that’s because of all those criteria that come together and create this visceral experience, what we’ve done with this system is enabled a very discerning audience to enjoy the best possible theatrical experience in the privacy Of their own home

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