How To Paint A House. The 4 Step Process To Painting Your Home.

This is chris yahoo painter in this video. I’M going to walk you through the steps of what it takes to actually paint your house, and this includes the pressure washing the prepping, including the caulking and the priming, and then the masking of the house before painting and then the actual painting so stay tuned. To this video and watch us as we show you the steps depending your house, the first step of this process is actually cleaning your house give it a nice good, clean, sound surface to paint on so we’re going to show you this pressure washing process right now. You I you now we’re going to get on to the very important process and that’s actually the prepping, including the priming and the caulking. This is what’s really gon na give you a nice clean, look to your house is doing that proper caulking and the proper prepping, and it’s going to make your paint job last a long time.

So here we go. Let me show you what we talked and what we sand and some of the things we actually prime, so stay tuned to the video on how to prep a house. So you can see I’m in the Stanford wave right now. One of the things we do caulk in the entryway we any the trim boards on the entryway, because we want it to look really nice neat and tidy and on the house caulking all the nail heads on the house, as you can see right here. This type of caulking on the entryway is purely for looks, but it does keep bugs out of all these cracks and stuff that we’ve got cocked here here we got Shawn over here, he’s actually sanding the door jambs with a paint eater and then, after that, we’re Going to caulk the door jambs, let the caulking dried, then we’re going to prime them with a peel bond primer.

If you run into any loose nails, you definitely want to hammer in any loose nails or any protruding nails. On the surface. We always the back side of the face jaw, so throughout my videos, I’m using a lot of tools and accessories. If you’re in need of any painting tools and accessories, you can always go. Do my amazon tool store right there and i click on the logo anytime.

In any of my videos – and that will take you to my Amazon tool – store where you can purchase most my tools and accessories and typically a lot cheaper than you can get them at your do-it-yourself painting, stores or hardware stores, so click on the logo right there, Anytime, you see it go to my Amazon tool store. We had some new trim on here that was installed, so you definitely ought to cut the nail heads on the new tram got some nail heads on these corner boards that we want to caulk. We always copy soffit vents up here a lot of times. These things are just stapled in and over time, they’ll begin to fall out. If you them it’ll keep them from falling out anywhere.

Where you have that bare wood, you want to use a primer, we’re using a peel bond primer on all the bare wood on this house anywhere, where we’ve had to do any sanding, we’re priming it. Hopefully behind me, you can see some of the caulking we’ve done. All the nail heads are cocked here got some priming on some of the batting boards, the trim some of the blistering on the siding over here. This is some of what we do when we’re prepping a house not on the painting day. You got a mask off your house to get it all ready to paint so we’re going to walk you through some of the masking steps and what we actually mask before spraying so stay tuned.

Here we go so I got a house here. Gon na walk you through what we actually mask with plastic and what we actually mask with paper. Show you some of the masking we have. We got. We take put paper masking 9-inch paper on any roof lines, so we don’t get out of any overspray on the roofs we’re going to take and put drop cloths on those areas too.

But you can see the masking on the roof. We mask all the windows off. So we don’t get overspray on the windows, we must ROG doors on the ground. So when we actually spray the garage door, we don’t get overspray on the garage doors we mask off any brick or rock, so we don’t get any overspray on brick and rock, and typically all the masking we’re using is 9 inch paper with 1 inch. 20/20 tape.

Around any light fixtures and electrical outlets, anything that can get overspray these your vents but will typically mask them. So they’ll look nice, crisp and clean and match the house got same over. Here I got masking on windows. You got a vinyl fence that we passed 9 inch paper, keep the overspray off the vinyl fence. We’Ve got two doors in the back that we’ve masked off we’re gon na be spraying these doors, so we’ve masked them off.

We all get overspray on the doors got thresholds masked fill it in with my 3m 20/20 tape, it’s cheaper product tapes, pulps $ 5, a roll that 3m 20/20 tapes about a dollar a roll. Now the final step of pinning your house is the actual painting process. So now we’re going to walk you through using the airless sprayer painting your house and then the rolling process of drawing the trim. So here we go watch this last process of being in your house by 15 tip on here right, we’re using a cardboard shield and older. This is I typically when I’m spraying always got a cardboard to be open, folder that I use to help shield off the bottom to keep any overspray off my footings.

We got a drop box set down here, just in case anything drips on the concrete. We don’t want to get any drips on the concrete. We got our 6.95 set up over there on the side, and I’ve got a massive respirator, always use one spraying and we’re going to take it to spray and we’re going to typically look for good start and stop points because you don’t want to start and stop. In the middle of the house, you always want to have logical, start and stop points.

These are good start and stop points, a corner and a batting board right here. Coming down the middle we’ve got over here this other section. We got a batting board here and a down battle board over here. These are good start and stop points, but you try the best you can. So, let’s start down really already sprayed the bottom, but I’ll show your video.

I use a cardboard seal. The bottom doing my thing in the end, oddly right inside, is a really dark color. So we got these holes. You want to make sure it’s dark over light. So if it hit, you say, get an angle to get beside those balls and then, when I’m spraying my lap siding you want to make sure you get underneath the lip.

So what I’m spraying, I’m not spraying straight on, I’m actually spraying at an angle shooting up. I always release my trigger and my to start and stop. It actually saves you pain, you use more paint doing Southside. So now, with this 30-inch gun extension I can reach higher. I don’t need to get on a ladder and I can reach farther.

So I don’t have to walk as much so using a gun extension, it’s going to keep you from walking as much keep you from bending over as much and keep you from having to reach with a ladder as high so use this gun extension. You can see the guys you so I know this was a really fast rundown of what it takes to actually paint the exterior house. But I’ve got a lot more videos on my channel, the at-home painter that will explain these processes in detail now get ready and stay tuned for the end don’t leave. Now I got two more videos for you to watch and these are going to help. You paint your house a lot easier and a lot faster, and one of them right above me right here and that’s going to teach you how to mask a roof line.

I’Ve got another video right over here and that video is going to show you how to operate an airless paint sprayer and when you don’t watch my videos, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on the red button right there right there to subscribe to my channel. It’S free anytime. You see that button in my videos, you can click on the button. It will subscribe you or take you to my subscribe page where you can subscribe to my channel and thanks again for watching my videos.

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