How to Convert Optical Fiber To LAN RJ45? – Media converter Unboxing and Review.

Hello guys this Abhijit and welcome to another unboxing and review video, and today we have a media converter and if you guys don’t know what is a media converter, media converter is a device that convert a LAN electric signal to optical signal, or vice versa. So guys, let’s unbox it one pair of media converter cost me only $ 13. I ordered it from Aliexpress and I think you will not find anything cheaper than that anywhere in the world. Delivery took near about 15 days from China to India, and here is the media converter, media converter, wrapped around anti-static packets, and here we have total 2 media converters and 2 power supply 5 volt 2 ampere to power those media converters. Also, I ordered a ST fiber optical cable to connect between those 2 media converters.

I ordered it from Aliexpress and it cost me around $ 5. It’S a full duplex, fiber optical cabl. That’S why we have 2 input and 2 output, as the media converters are simplex. I just need a single cable. Now, let’s unwrap the anti-static wrapper from another media converter, it’s 100 Mbps media converter.

I don’t need more speed than that and it supports distance up to 25 kilometer. Who is insane on this side? We have the DC input, which is 5 volt, 2 amps, and on the other side we have the LAN and fiber connector. Also a couple of LEDs for status indication. There is a plastic cover over the fiber input to protect it.

Now. Here we need to insert the HT optical cable, put the another cable to another media converter and put the WAN cable, and now the setup is complete and that’s how LAN RJ45 to fiber or fiber to LAN RJ45 is converted. Now you guys probably want to know why I’m using it, I am using it to protect my electronics from lightning as electricity do not get passed through fiber optical cable, and if there is a lightning, this fiber optical cable will save my computer or any other device That connected with my LAN from lightning there’s the reason I am installing media converter to protect my system.

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