How Much Do Solar Panels Really Cost?


Hi, I’m Warren Miller, the director of sales and marketing with Paradise, Energy Solutions, then I’m Charles Fox, the VP of Sales and Marketing and today we’re going to talk about the cost of going solar, [, Music, ]. So, Charles, we get that question all the time. How much does it cost to get solar, yes, good question and today we’re going to try to answer that question and I think there’s no simple answer to that. Yeah, it’s a little bit like asking. How much does a vehicle cost so do you need a pickup truck?


Do you need a car? What are you trying to accomplish so, I would say worn. A really simple rule of thumb is the average home solar project is going to cost. Roughly thirty thousand. Okay, and you know, a small business could be looking pretty quickly at a hundred thousand dollars.


That is before incentives. That is the you know. The top-line cost of solar sure sure and of course the larger projects like this would cost me exactly yeah yeah. So why couldn’t I been Charles as a homeowner, go out online or a store or buy some panels and put them on my roof myself yeah, because there’s much more that goes into a solar project than just the panel itself. Okay, so there’s behind the scenes things such as engineering permitting, you would have the interconnection, so you need approval from the local utility that you’re gon na be tie-in to so there’s there’s that aspect of it.


So that’s the soft cost. Then you have other hard costs. Conduit wiring inverters racking, then your labor, so there’s a lot of pieces that go into a solar project just more than just the panels. So when I buy a solar system from a solar contractor such as paradise, I’m giving a turnkey solution, that’s right! You’Re getting a turnkey solution, so if you’re looking strictly at just the cost and you’re researching cost per one panel and taking that times a number of panels, you need you’re missing a a large majority of additional costs and that could directly into the installation of a Solar project, so if I was a homeowner and I put a thirty thousand dollar system on my house, what would I expect to save you’re gon na save the world warrant?


Okay, no but you’re gon na save about a hundred and fifty dollars a month, XML on average on a thirty thousand dollar project and name taxes. What a a Mon taxes so there’s a federal tax credit. Today, yes, it’s 2019 and it’s going to step down next year. So that’s why I say that, but today you would save $ 9,000, which would be 30 % of your initial total project cost excellent and now as a small business owner. If I was installing that hundred thousand dollar system, what type of tax savings would I see there so you’re gon na save on top of that 30 % tax credit, which would be thirty thousand in this scenario, you’re gon na save taxes on depreciation just like buying Any other piece of equipment in your business you’re gon na save you’re, going to depreciate that so lower your taxable income and therefore save money on taxes, as well as the tax credit great.


So if you’re like me – and you just want to get the job done and not have to do any work yourself, then you would want to turnkey solution like paradise, provides and from that I’m gon na realize tax savings and monthly savings from using this type of Resolution thanks so much for watching this video and hopefully you found that valuable, [, Music, ]



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