How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Today, we’re going to answer the question: how many solar panels do I need. My name is Charles Fox with paradise, energy solutions and I’m Warren Miller, the director of sales and marketing at Paradise, [, Music, ], so Warren. I get. This question asked a lot: how many panels do I need on my roof? So we got panels behind me for the average home.

How many panels is a homeowner going to need? You know an average home. They will probably use about 30 solar panels, but Charles it all depends on your specific site in your specific location and how much electricity you use. So as a homeowner do I need to calculate that or how is that done for me process? So when we go out and we do a site visit, the first thing we do is we look at your electric bill and we look at your historical usage over a year to get an idea of how to size the system.

How big to make that solar system to know how much energy it will produce? So let’s say I know how many solar panels I I need, but you know here: there’s no Sun or there’s no shade yeah, so I would assume there’s other impacts. So what other impacts are there? Shade would be one. These are other things that we should consider.

Yeah absolutely shade is is an important factor. Obviously we want to put the solar panels where the Sun shines. Another factor is the panel’s. Ideally, we want them to face due south mm-hmm and we want them to have a tilt approximately 25 degrees, so my roof is not 25 degrees, so I should not go solar now. You should definitely consider going solar.

25 degrees is an optimal fixed position for where we’re located here in the mid-atlantic region of the United States, but we put per solar panels on roofs that have a higher pitch or lower pitch and they still produce well, it’s just a matter of needing a few Additional panels, if your pitch changes too much so when we’re using different panels today than we did five years ago, they’re becoming more efficient, so the type of panel or the efficiency of a panel would also come into play as we’re looking at how many panels we Need panels have been evolving over the years and to give you an idea, Charles, when we started doing this in 2009, solar panels were about 14 % efficient today, the solar panels that we sell range around 20 % efficiency and what that means for you is you Just need fewer solar panels or less roof space to get the same amount of production that you used to. So let’s say you tell me Warren 30 panels, yes, and I have space for 20 panels. What is my solution? I’M talking about on my roof? You don’t have to cover 100 % of your electric bill.

You can cover 80 % of your electric bill or 70 % of your electric bill. If you only want to go on your put panels on your roof, but we do have options just like these panels. Here, Charles, we can put panels on the ground for you, whether it’s a ground mount or roof mount a carport. We have a variety of different options for your different site. Well, thank you Warren.

Hopefully, you found that valuable as you look at how many solar panels you’re going to need, so obviously we’re gon na need your electric bill. You know we’re gon na look at your roof or your ground space is available. The type of panels we’re going to use all that’s going to be accounted for and part of the equation of how many panels you need [, Music, ],

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