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Hello, everyone we are back again even in this house today, we’re working on on the home theater today is the room that we’re working on our goal is to go ahead and accommodate this room with the type of window treatment that really requires for a movie theater And so we’ve chosen the black and the golds we’re planning of doing swags across the top, with really beautiful gold tassels coming down. We’Ve also taken some of the fabrics from the wall covering and made a cornice with the black drapes underneath them. We also have done some blackout to make sure that the light keeps out. Our goal is to have this job complete and make it look really really stunning yeah. I think we chose the right colors the right patterns, I think miss Fernandez.

We really would love the end. Results sounds good, so let’s get going and just follow us through and let’s see how things are turn out. When we started this job, the house was under renovation, the landscape was being put in the house and the insides were being painted and a lot of work needed to be done as we started in the house with the master, bedroom and working our way throughout the Whole house, this house was a quite a sizable home and Rosie happens to be a repeat client of ours who used their services over ten years ago, and she had enough confidence to come back out and use us again. Obviously, she saw something in what we were doing. Yeah absolutely Rosie like Steve, was things she we did work for about 10 years ago, and then she called us again.

You know, and simply because I think what she saw in us is our passion about what we do and what we do is something, of course, very, very different in the breaks was it and we take part of what we do and we just love doing it, Because it plays into our creative minds and our passion – and it’s not work, it’s really just being able to create window treatments that are quite exquisite. Quite different things that cannot be seen anywhere is what we like to be doing is innovative, and, I think that’s shows in all of our work that we’ve been doing it shows in this house. This house really turned out quite gorgeous quite gorgeous from the inside, as well as the outside, and I’m very proud. The fact that we were able to be part of this home and part of this job and making a contribution to our clients absolutely. And I think that this house, we probably remember for a long time, because we really our mind, was definitely working.

And we were very creative and that that completes it here. Yes, it does so for those of you who are interested to find out more about our product and services. You’Re welcome to go here and visit our website at galaxy-design com. You

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