HOFIS – The pre-assembled home fibering system

This video intruduces into the HUBER+SUHNER Home Fibering System (HOFIS) for FITH applications. For more information please go to


Wood Lathe – Never Make This Mistake When You Shop For One!

Woodwork is an endeavour that requires you to have all the right tools. If you are working from your garage, you must have all the right kind of power tools. A wood lathe is a very vital component to have in your tool kit. It is important for smoothening wood. However as technology continues to expand, there are very many models out there. This in turn increases the chances of being fleeced; shopping for substandard material. The following article highlights some of the mistakes that people make when shopping for this very important tool.

Impact Wrench – A Step By Step Guide To Finding The Best Wrench

The measure of a good workman is his tools- not only how well he uses. For guys who are into home improvement or different aspects of engineering, it is very vital that they have a tool box. One component that you won’t miss in a tool box is a wrench. When one is shopping for the impact wrench, it is very vital that you evaluate the quality. You might be asking yourself; seriously a wrench is a wrench, what is the difference? When it comes to quality, never compromise! With that being said, the following is a guide to shopping for the best wrench.

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Ideal Impact Driver

If you are out shopping for an impact driver then you should be ready to wander the wide market in search for the ideal impact driver. Well, this can either be easy or hard depending on how ready are you to face the market. For instance if you have gone through several reviews on the web about the different impact drivers that are out there then you will have an easy time making your choice. The main thing that you should do is to try and be choosy on the driver that you want to take home. Keep in mind that each manufacturer would say that their equipment is the best; thus you should know how to differentiate the best from the rest.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Your Reciprocating Saw

What is a reciprocating saw? Well, this is the saw that is normally used by the contractors to complete their respective cuttings. It is also commonly known as oscillating saw. They are normally stronger than the common hand held saws since they can be able to cut nail implanted things. The saw can be used for a variety of purposes hence can also be termed as a multipurpose saw. You can also use this saw in plumbing, ply wood cutting, covering the floor with timber and many more.

Bench Grinder – A Garage Owner’s Guide To Selecting A Proper Model

If you have tools that need sharpening, a file seems to be the viable option. However, there are some tools that file simply won’t cut it. For this reason, if you have a workshop in your home, it is very vital that you invest in bench grinder. This is a device that is used for sharpening stuff like lathe tools and drill bits. However, shopping for one tends to be an arduous task considering if you have no clue as to where to start.

Drill Press – Never Make The Following Mistakes When You Shop For One

Hand drills have over the years made boring holes easier. This revolutionary equipment has in essence made it convenient considering that if you use corkscrews, you will take more time. However, ever with this novel invention there are some pitfalls that come with its use. There are some thicknesses you simply can’t use a handheld drill to get through; you need something that will make your work easier and faster. This is where the drill press comes in. This invention has its wide application in woodwork and metalwork and it continues to astound users with its infinite applications. However, despite its very many benefits, many people tend to make mistakes when shopping for one. A lot of these mistakes come from having not too much information.

Metal Nibbler – Frequently Asked Questions That Most People Tend To Ask

Roof work is always a perilous affair. One always has to mind their step when they are on roof tops. Leaks tend to get very annoying and if not addressed early can result in a lot of damage. With that being said, it is very important you repair the roof with the right kinds of tools. Sure you might want to hire someone to take care it for you. However, the economy has called for tightening of belts everywhere and this means doing some tasks yourself like fixing the roof. One indispensable tool you should have in your tool box is a metal nibbler. For guys who are new to it, they might tend to have some questions about it.

4 Ways to Create Extra Space Around the House

You have decided that the large house you moved into is now too small, or it appears you have run out of room. So what do you do now? While moving would take too much time and money, you do have other options that could save or even make a little extra money, and create more space. Other possibilities may require a little effort and spending, but not nearly as much as it would take to move or buy another place.

How To Choose The Best Hedge Trimmer For Your Needs

These days, many homeowners and gardening professionals are opting to use powered hedge trimmers to avoid the strain brought about through the use of manual ones. The choice to purchase powered trimmers over manual ones is not the final decision you will have to make, however, as there is a number of different power supplies available, as well as a number of blade types. Use this guide to help you make the best decision for your needs: Electric This hedge trimmer tends to be one of the lighter types, which makes…

How to Take Care of Your Hand Tools

When you invest in a set of high quality tools it’s important to take the time to take care of them properly so they last a lifetime. Learn the basic steps of caring for your hand tools, from cleaning and storage to regular maintenance.

How Regularly Should You Service Your Chainsaw?

Even though our chainsaws seem like indestructible pieces of machinery, they can become damaged and even worn out if they aren’t given regular services to ensure their efficiency. Whilst it is not nice to think about, without regular maintenance, your chainsaw can quickly become a ticking time bomb – just waiting for the moment it can lunge out and injure the person using it. How regular, then, is acceptable for servicing?

Maintenance Tips For Ensuring That Your Lawnmower Runs Efficiently

Who is with me when I say that mowing the lawn can be a real chore that no one enjoys doing? Couple this with a lawnmower that is having difficulty starting or coughs and splutters the longer you have it running, and you’re living your worst nightmare.

Safety Tips For Operating A Logsplitter

Whilst the use of a logsplitter can make your life much easier when it comes to cutting up firewood or even breaking up timber for use in furniture creation, it is important to be wary of this equipment because it can be highly dangerous in the wrong hands. The next time you use your logsplitter, use the following safety tips to ensure that you will return home unscathed and with a load of firewood to last you weeks.

Titanium Knives

What’s better than a stainless steel knife? Titanium knives are much more durable and useful…Read on to find out more.

Advice For Anyone Buying A Ride On Mower

Having a large yard can be a nightmare for homeowners who are forced to tackle the grass with push or even manual mowers. To lessen the stress and exertion associated with these models, many homeowners will turn to the ride on mower as the solution to their problems. Being unfamiliar with these types, however, can cause a few stresses of its own, so it is beneficial to get as much advice before purchasing as possible.

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