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Do you have that one friend who spends hundreds of dollars on a pair of headphones and then sits in the corner of the room clutching some studio-grade CDs and rambling about gold wires and tube amps, while listening to them? Well, maybe not, but they do exist and what sounds like madness to the rest of us is necessary for some to feel like they’re, getting a better HiFi experience. But what is this high-five well in short, high fire? High fidelity is a term used by audio enthusiasts. Referring to the high quality reproduction of sound, alright, Linus, then so hi-fi’s just speakers or headphones that are good right well actually hold on.


It is a bit more complicated than that the journey started as early as the 1930s when a violinist wanted to make a radio that sounded like he was listening to a live orchestra and would achieve high fidelity when compared to the original recording by experimenting with the Acoustics of speaker casings in 1948, even greater innovations brought about a revolution in high-quality audio, some of the key developments being reel-to-reel tape, microgroove vinyl records and FM radio. So the point of high fivin is to get as close to the original recording as possible. So while it might be fun and it might sound good to crank the bass up to 11, that would no longer be high fidelity when compared to the source audio. So the what separates hi-fi from a consumer-grade audio system, the most obvious thing, the speaker’s a hi-fi speakers job – is to produce sound exactly as it was originally recorded and received by the speaker, with as little alteration or coloration as possible. They’Re generally constructed with higher quality materials and sometimes even exotic enclosures, to reduce resonance mechanical noise and interference.


This makes them more expensive to manufacture and leaves less room for defects. A recurring theme, by the way, through the components that make up an entire high five sister amplifiers, also play an important role in reproducing sound accurately. It’S very important that these amplifiers have high quality power supplies capable of converting AC to DC power, with as little interference or electrical noise as possible. Being an analog set up, you know, audio stuff, more premium, cables and wires can, in some cases make a slight difference. Since they are made out of more conductive materials and, more importantly, will have better shielding – which is explained in the video linked here and of course.


Finally, the source audio itself plays a huge role in the quality of the finished output, so in consumer systems, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a high quality, mp3 and a low quality bootleg, but hi-fi systems. Take that one step further and really bring out the detail with high resolution audio and while it might be more difficult and I would even say very difficult to hear the difference between a high quality, mp3 and a lossless FLAC. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is in your speakers. I guess but wait hold on a second line. Isn’T you mentioned headphones at the beginning?


How are they different from speakers? Well, hi-fi. Headphones are typically significantly higher impedance than normal headphones. This means they actually offer more resistance than standard headphones. This is a carryover for when they were originally designed for studios, where multiple listeners would be connected to a single amplifier, lowering the impedance of an individual set of phone significantly.


These headphones, though, quickly became the standard for hi-fi listening because of their compatibility with higher quality, more powerful amplifiers. They also tend to have larger, lighter drivers are made with higher quality materials and often have an open, backed design allowing for a wider, more natural soundstage. That’S all nice and dandy Linus, but sounds pretty expensive and you would be right sort of it can be in 1991, Sennheiser released a set of headphones called the Orpheus that came with a dedicated tube amplifier, and they claimed that it was the best HiFi headphone in The world this headphone at times has been worth up to $ 30,000 on the youth market, making it the most expensive head ever made until its successor came along actually very recently, 24 years later priced at 50,000. Us dollars. With this in mind, though, HiFi is hi not perfect, and there are high fidelity solutions for almost any budget with speakers ranging from 40 dollars a pair all the way to over a million bucks, a pair, a price so high that you could just hire a band To play for you full time everywhere you go, although I guess there’s the added benefit of not having to feed or water the speaker’s, although maybe that’s coming in the future.


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