Fujitsu Mini-Splits in a 3,300 sq ft Pennsylvania Home

Hi, my name is Kim Myers I own KL, Meyers, LLC Heating and Cooling, we’re located in James Creek Pennsylvania. We install ductless heat pumps for customers within a 100 mile radius of Raystown lake and that’s the only systems that we install high quality fujitsu equipment. I’Ve been in business for 41 years and over the years I’ve installed everything out. There boilers furnaces ductwork, you name it. We put it in about five.

Six years ago I made a decision to stop installing other pieces of equipment and concentrate on the ductless heat pumps, because I truly believe it is the best heating and cooling system available. I have it in my own home, where our work is primarily about 97 to 98 percent residential. We do a few churches here and there and we have done several businesses this product is so user friendly and attractive to the eye that homeowners really like it. We’Re here to home that’s about 3,100 square feet. It was built in 1999, the homeowner was using a LP gas fired furnace.

That ductwork was not that great contacted me about having a new ductless system installed. We installed two three zone systems and one single zone system cover the entire house from basement all the way up to the second floor and all the bedrooms. All together in this beautiful home, we have a total of 5 tons of heating and cooling products installed. This was a factory built home and the only challenges that we really encountered in this installation was the fact that some of the walls were the house joined together, we’re a little on the thick side other than that it was just like a typical installation. It took about three days and we were completely done.

This homeowner is happy with their Fujitsu equipment. They’Ve had it for over three years. There are hundreds of other installations that we’ve done in central Pennsylvania, and these people are recommending it to their friends. Everyone is catching on to the idea that if you put a ductless heat system in by Fujitsu you’re going to save money, your house is going to be more comfortable. Your wife is going to love it with Fujitsu 9,000 BTU RLS rhe series.

The efficiencies are amazing. 33 seer: these systems are rated at 15 below zero for heating capabilities. You can now use them as a primary heat source for your home and save tons of money compared to all other types of heating, even geothermal. This is more efficient and cheaper to operate. The 9000 R ls3 is, without a doubt, the most efficient system available in the world.

Nobody makes a better product than Fujitsu

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