Fiber Internet Installation

Step one is locating your house box. This is step two. First, you’ll want to find the best spot to drill your hole. Mark it with electrical tape where you like to drill. Still, steer clear of any electrical or utilities in the wall.

Mark its X where you would like to drill your hole then measure from a window over. We’re at 36 inches that’s three feet this is just a rough estimate and about six inches down from the window. Then you’ll go to the outside and you do the same step of measuring over to see if there’s anything on the outside they would hit a drill. The second part of step two is to measure over where you’ll be drilling from the inside out. We were at 36 inches over from the window and we’re clear.

Again on step two you’re going to want to use a 5/8 drill bit about 16 inches long .To get all the way through the wall main objective does not hit anything that’s inside of the wall.

So in most homes electrical he’s either going straight up or straight down and if it is going straight up sometimes it’ll go across like this or go straight across so you always want to go on a 45 degree angle from an electrical outlet roughly 45 degrees. Now that we’ve measured off and we know we’re not going to hit anything on the inside outside by drilling all the way through the wall. Remove your electrical tape, attach your 5/8 drill bit see-through.

I always stop as soon as I get through the first layer of wall just trying to see if there’s anything in the wall that you’re gonna hit there’s nothing there. Proceed to keep drilling. We’re all the way through just pull out. Now that we have a hole with through the wall we have to get our fiber cable through there if you just push your fiber cable in they’re just gonna fall down into the wall and you won’t get all the way through.

The next step after drilling your hole is to take the end of your fiber cable that’s coming out of your ONT and it will have a cap on the end of your thing.

Do not remove this cap leave it on there. Take your electrical tape about eight inches, start wrapping the end of your fiber cable like so and then stop when getting towards the end of it take the butt end of your drill bit put it up against it do not overlap butt it up against your cap. Again do not remove your cap or do not touch the end of your fiber cable without the cap.

It will get a dirty and you’ll have issues and then just wrap your electrical tape around the end of your drill bit like so, so it’s got a nice snug grasp and it’s not going to get removed. Doing this to push the cable through the wall in your hole.

you know take your drill bit, plug it into your hole. Jostle around until it gets through the hole now it’s through. We’re gonna go outside pull the rest of the fiber cable through without kinking or twisting your fiber cable. You never want to kink your fiber. Okay now once you’re outside after you drilled your hole and you pushed your fiber cable and drill bit through you’re just gonna want to pull it out nice and slow you do not want to kink your cable.

No 90-degree hard bends, soft bends are fine. Just pull enough cable out to reach your house box. Right here we’re about 20 feet away from our house box. It’s really need about 20 to 25 feet of cable.

That should be fine right there.

This is the inside of your house box. This is the original cable that’s ran inside of your house box that you’ll just see hanging here or maybe already attached to this port. This is the fiber cable that we were running from inside. We’re gonna go up through this u-shaped bushing. We need to poke a hole in here which your technician will probably already do for you.

We’re gonna poke a hole in there use a knife needle nose pliers whatever we’re gonna push this through here. Pull a little slack, slide this back in just so it’s sealed. We’re gonna remove these little caps inside of this coupler the coupler will be green. Take those caps off now we can remove the cap off of your fiber and there’s a notch. The notch will be facing towards you there’s not a notch on the backside there’s a notch on the front.

I’m going to take that notch and you’re gonna slide it right in clicks. You want to hear that click, that means it is sealed and it’s inside of there.

Same thing with the other side if it is not attached already pull your cap off slide it in. We are now attached. You can put your fiber cable through the notches so it looks nice and neat.

That is complete and you can shut your house box door. No need to lock it or screw it shut. So now that we have the house box shut everything’s connected inside, we’re gonna take your fiber we’re going to screw clip it to your house. By attaching screw clips first holding the screw clip down and take your quarter-inch drive bit or philips bit and carefully, very carefully and slowly screw it to it snug.

Do not over tighten it, it can pinch the fiber it can cause internet issues.

Think of it like a garden hose and how the water needs to flow through a garden hose. Just keep doing the same all the way down till your reach to your hole. I’m gonna tuck it into the j channel of the siding. Your house may not have siding just be careful that’s it corner your fiber or pinch it or kink it. Very important this is a lengthy process it won’t be done quickly.

Just take your time and be very careful safety is number one. Take all the extra fiber cable that you have and lightly push it back into the house. Sometimes it’ll get jammed up just pull it back out push it back in. There you go. Take your final clip screw it on.

Now you’re gonna want to add your silicone or caulk whatever you would like to use to seal your hole. This is since I’ll be using 100% silicone mold-free. Just squirt it in the hole work your way out and get around the hole.

Perfect. So now that we came back inside if you’ve ran the cable on the outside your installation will come into your own ONT/ modem/router already pre connected with the other end of the fiber group inside of here and this should do a battery backup and will come with it along with the wall plate that’ll be on the wire already.

Just attached to the wall plate to the wall just take some of your screw clips that will be provided, take the plastic part off you have a screw with two of them. Now just kind of attach your wall plate. You plugging in here modem/router to your electrical outlet. Your lights will come on and it’ll take about 10 to 15 minutes before you’ll have your service lights that’s your third light down.

This is service.

Once that is a solid green you have internet service and you’ll want to call us and set up your Wi-Fi or to set up your own router. .

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