Family receives HVAC system during trying times

A christmas wish comes true after months of obstacles for the blair family, after beating cancer mourning the loss of a loved one and losing her job during the pandemic. Keeping her family warm is one thing carol. Blair won’t have to worry about now. Eyewitness news, brandon bartlett with the story: it’s like come on what else you got you know, what else can you throw with us carol? Blair says 2019 was off to a rocky start.

After her husband got hurt and needed surgery, and then in february we got a big shock. I got diagnosed with stage three aggressive. Breast cancer is probably the hardest thing. I’Ve ever gone through blair says her and her family learned how to stay positive since life continued, throwing them curve balls, we lost a dog unexpectedly that we didn’t know was sick, and then we had a car branch fall on top of a car and totaled it. In our front yard, their house is 100 years old.

With a 30 year old heating and air unit blair says every time they turn on the heat. She makes sure. Lady luck is on her side, the system’s so old that i knock on wood to make sure it’s going to come on. They were going to replace the system with their stimulus checks, but blair says she’s thankful they held off because both her and her husband ended up losing their jobs due to coven 19

Which is really really hard after two years of tough obstacles, blair and her family were finally surprised with some good news: you’re, the winner of the the new furnace and air conditioner. Oh man, how are you doing wow how blessing this is?

It means a lot to me blair’s youngest daughter. Laylee is special needs with a blood disorder, so she’s in probably two sweatshirts right now and she’s, like six blankets on her back she’s cold, so easy she’ll be toasty soon when they get their new furnace from bracket heating and air’s. Fourth, annual giveaway brandon bartlett eyewitness news: well, there were hundreds of entries, one of blair’s co-workers nominated her since a way to keep her family warm. This holiday season was her big christmas. Christmas wish well coming up on eyewitness news at five: the life of a long time, local log, cabin

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