Exterior Home Renovation Transformation: Cedar Siding to Fiber Cement Siding

Used to have cedar siding on our house and it was about 30 years old. It was poorly maintained, so it was curling and had some holes in it. When the wind blew that it would flap up against the house and make a lot of fun, we we didn’t want to have to be painting every couple years we didn’t want to have to deal with cracks or dents, or the siding. Pulling away from a house is our current siding was and so having something that we knew would last and would still look good for a long time was a huge factor in our decision. Looking at the vinyl side of houses, we drive up to the the address, and it was always like.

Is that the one is that the right one and every time we drove up to the hardy house it was it stood out in the neighborhood. It was obviously that that was the nicest looking house in the neighborhood. I think the siding looks great. We’Ve got. We’Ve already got a lot of compliments from the neighbors.

It’S only been up for a couple of weeks. In fact, we had a neighbor that we’ve never met before bring the doorbell and ask who we used it and how we decided to go with them and now they’re gon na put James Hardie on their house. I would describe James Hardie siding as siding. That is extremely durable, that’s long, lasting and it looks great and something you don’t have to worry about.

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