DIY Home Theater Seating Riser Construction 🍿

One of the things that I’ve always dreamed of is having a home theater in our basement now for our home theater We’re going to have two rows of seats. one in the front and one in the back. But to make sure that the back seats can See over the front seats. We need to build this riser Now since we’re building on top of a concrete pad we needed to make sure that any lumber that came into contact with that concrete Was treated lumber. So what we did was we built two platforms And essentially there were two large Rectangles one for the front and one for the back and those were made out of two by six treated lumber then we attached each Of those platforms to the walls to make sure that they were securely in place Now we could come back and build the actual platform The actual platform is gonna be made out of two by eights untreated lumber because they’re not coming into contact with the concrete And then those joists are going to be spaced 16 inches apart the nice thing about having those square treated Platforms below it is that the joists are laying right directly on top of those platforms So we didn’t need any there was no need for joist hangers And if you like videos like this and you want to see more of them Make sure you hit that subscribe button down below if you haven’t done so already and then ring the bell right beside it to make Sure that you get notifications when any new videos come out The other thing that we did was we actually recessed a step into the platform so the top platform Was actually notched out to accept that step We set it back about 14 inches and then we have about a two foot wide step Before we install the subfloor on top of the platform.

We wanted to make sure that we made it as Soundproof as possible, and we did so with mineral wool insulation. It’s a great soundproofing barrier We use some insulation supports to wedge those in between those studs and then set that soundproofing material in between each one of those joists bays Just to make sure that any echo or any sound that got into this platform was deadened right away Now it’s time to install the subfloor before we get started on that We actually went ahead and put sound some Construction adhesive on those joists and all the way around on all of those mating surfaces that the subfloor would hit we cut that down To size and then set that on top and screwed it down.

That subfloor adhesive is it very important because it takes out any squeaks within the floor. Now in order to make a sturdier platform after we laid that first layer of OSB we came back and we added another layer But this time we spread spread Construction adhesive all over the first layer and then glued the second layer on top of that and that’s just gonna make for a nice Sturdy platform and take out any vibrations when you’re walking now the reason I went with 2×6 is for the base or the original platform is that When you add those two layers of subfloor to that it brings you up to a nice step height of 7″ And then the 2×8 platform leaves your second step at 7-1/4″ Hold on don’t leave yet Make sure you check out this video up here YouTube really think she’ll like it and I did too but also if you want more detail on this build and how to do it I’m gonna have a written blog post right here And if you haven’t subscribed already, make sure you do.

So right here until next time be safe and happy building.

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