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How to decide color combinations for exteriors the exterior walls of your home speak volumes about you. If you’re here looking for color ideas to transform it, you’ve come to the right place, start by clicking the look at colors tab. This time around you’ll need to choose. Exteriors see different types of sample. Houses choose the one to visualize your color combinations idly select, the one that’s closest to your home.

This will help you visualize better. Do you want your exteriors to be light and sober medium or bright, rich, an attention-grabbing? Let’S say you prefer a sober look well, you will now need to choose the main color for your home’s exteriors, going for blues excellent choice, but are you going for one two or three color combinations? Let the software know your selection clicking on three color option will take you to our visualization section here. You can try and select different shades for your color choice, browse through all choices till you found the exterior combination you are in love with, while the dominant colors are used on main walls, the trims have complementary colors.

You can also try the one or two color options simply by clicking the tab below and going back satisfied with your choice. Let the software know by clicking here almost then just punch in your house name and pick products for your dominant walls as well as trims. Congrats you’re done check out here the try and decide software will create a PDF of all your selections and save it on your computer. Do remember. This.

Pdf page is also saved on the top part of the software as your choices for future reference.

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