American Standard Platinum Series Furnace & Air Conditioner Review

Hey want to talk to you today about a heating cooling system that I’ve used successfully for about 10 years now, and I want to also give you a few tips so that, if you’re, building remodeling or changing your furnace system out, you’ll know what to look for. They want to talk to you today about the American Standard, brand heating and cooling equipment that I’ve used in this house. You know I’ve used their equipment for about 10 years now, and I’ve had really good success. First, let’s talk about this gas furnace. We’Ve got here.

You know gas is a really nice way to heat your house, especially if you’re in the cold northern climates, but it even works here in Texas, where I am, and if you’re going to buy a gas furnace, I highly recommend you get a very efficient one. You know this furnace behind me is their gold series and it’s 97 % efficient. That means for every $ 1 and natural gas I’m putting into this furnace. 97 % of that is getting actually turning the heat, only 3 % of that as being wasted. If you compare that to conventional equipment, that’s between 75 and 80 percent efficient we’re getting that we’re really ringing.

Every last penny out of that gas dollar that we’re spending on the house. Another couple big benefits that I like about this – is it’s very safe to operate. In the house, this is a sealed combustion unit, which means that this PVC vent right here is bringing the air in from the outside to burn in a combustion chamber. That’S sealed so we’re not using air from this closet to actually burn, and then the exhaust gases are also going out of a PVC vent because it’s so efficient. We don’t need metal to vent because this PVC is not getting hot.

It’S a really a great way to go. This also means that I can put this furnace and, let’s say, a sealed spray, foamed attic or in a crawlspace or another location, where I’m not worried about combustion air. These are really the best when it comes to both safety and efficiency. You know when you’re putting a new furnace in it’s really important, to put a good filter system in as well those standard 1-inch filters you buy at the home center. They only do a so-so job of filtering the air, and you also have to replace them on a pretty regular basis if you can’t Rast that to these Apryl air filters that i’ve been using for about 10 years now, these Aprilaire filters do a fantastic job of Filtration there near HEPA quality, this one is actually a merv 13 filter.

The other nice thing about these is they just need to replace once a year. So it’s very very easy on maintenance. I highly recommend these now, let’s go outside and let’s talk about the air compressors that we’ve tied to this furnace on the inside, we’re using American standards platinum series and, as you can see, we have three compressors on this project to match with the three air handlers Inside this house, I’ve used the Platinum Series for about ten years now, and I’ve had really good success with these. The big story behind these is that they provide two stages of cooling. Depending on the model, you choose they’re, going to have an unloading compressor, which is going to run at a low speed, roughly about 60 % of capacity and then a high speed, or you might actually have a unit like this big one.

Behind me that has two compressors inside the box. Those two compressors again are going to run at a low speed or a higher speed. The big benefit there is not just energy efficiency, certainly you’re, going to see a nice bump on the seer rating. When you go to these, these two smaller units are 17 seer and my big one behind me here is 18 seer. But the real story about that two-stage cooling is we’re going to get better humidity control.

It’S going to much better control the comfort inside the house, because when it runs on low speed, it’s going to run longer, which is ultimately going to knock out the humidity in the house. Better and, of course, when it runs on low speed, you’re using less amperage. To run these, which means they’re going to run much more efficiently. Ultimately, they will pay for themselves in time, but the benefit is really immediate when it comes to comfort with these units. The last thing I really like about this American Standard platinum series is really longevity and durability.

I’Ve been using these now for about 10 years and I’ve yet to have a failure with one of these machines. I really think they’re putting the best of all the parts and components inside these. If you’d, like more information on the HVAC equipment, any of the stuff we talked about today, I talked a ton about this on my blog at Matt racing or comm. You can also look for a YouTube playlist of mine that has a ton of information on HBC. Literally, you could go for hours watching me talk about these units thanks for joining everybody, we’ll talk to you next time.


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