#040C: Pockethernet Review

#040C: Pockethernet Review

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We review the newly introduced Pockethernet cable testing tool and cover some of the potential pitfalls to avoid in this amazing device!

You can get your very own Pockethernet here:


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Buying Guide for the Best Hammer Drill

To help us work on how to select the best drill for you, explain the main features of electric and cordless drills.Although the drills are mainly designed to spread the hole, there are many functions like many handsets, variables, speed and gear that help you do more.

How to Extend the Life of Sanding Belts

Sanding belts are an important part of your metal and woodworking inventory. Be sure to take good care of them to ensure years and years of good quality and performance. Learn what you need to do to get started, right here!

Gardening Tools You Cannot Do Without

A garden is a piece of land or space that can be used to cultivate flowers, herbs or fruits. This piece of land or space could be your backyard, a hydroponic shed or small flower bed at the corner of your property. Gardening is therapeutic, it can help ease stress and provides and opportunity for self enhancement and increase in self worth through the process of bringing crops to life from just seedlings.

Why You Need a Grease Gun

Whether you have a workshop or just want to do some projects around your house, your tools need to work well. Clearly, the tools need to be Lubricated with a grease gun. However, not all of us realize the importance of having this handy tool by your side.

The Benefits of Edge Sanders

Can’t choose between a floor or belt edge sander? Why not get both! Learn some useful information about edge sanders, and why they are great woodworking tools to have on hand.

How Are Mechanical Anchors Different From Chemical Anchors?

A fastener or an anchor bolt is a device that is used to attach objects or structures to concrete. Though there are many types of anchor bolts and designs, they are mostly proprietary to the manufacturing companies. The fastener usually comprises a threaded end, which can be attached to a nut and washer for the external load.Anchor fasteners can be categorized into two types essentially, mechanical anchor fasteners and chemical anchor fasteners.

Info About DeWalt 790 Radial Arm Saws

Many woodworkers are loyal to radial arm saws, while others swear by the smaller, more precise competition known as the miter saw. Read about the inventor of the radial arm saw and more, then choose your side!

The Innovative Repair Tool – Multitasker

Multitasker Tools grew out of an OEM project for a firearms industry contact. The owner and founder had a request from a customer to make a 1911 focused multi-tool, then he thought it was time to make something specifically tailored for the AR platform of rifles. That’s how Multitasker originated. Modularity was a huge component of the market trends. At the time, nobody had come out with anything remotely geared towards the maintenance of those rifles. So, he started asking key dealers around the country: What would be the feature set you would like to see incorporated into a pocket tool for an AR? Based on the input that was received from dealers and customers, the idea for a pocket toolbox concept, a guiding principle for Multitasker, with all the product offerings that are available. The Series 3X, which is the main product of Multitasker fully embraces this concept of a pocket toolbox

What You Should Know About Blast Nozzles

When you buy a blast machine, several of its essentials come with a timely lifespan; one of these items is the blast nozzle. It is one of those parts that wears out fast and needs frequent replacements to maintain a steady functionality of the whole machine. The dictating factor on how long the blast nozzle is going to serve you is based on the material used to make it. The most common and durable makes are the tungsten carbide nozzles. The other factor is how often it’s being used and the type of material used in the blasting process and the pressure.

Cordless Power Tools Let You Cut The Cord

Cordless tools have finally reached the point where they can deliver power equal to their corded counterparts. This is due to advances in cordless battery technology. Early cordless batteries were weak and needed frequent recharging. Cordless tool battery development has improved to increase both the battery life and the power delivered. Many cordless power tools are now the equal of the same device run off a cord.

How to Improve the Performance of a Folding Workbench

I like creating with my hands. I especially enjoy creating useful items out of wood. Unfortunately, my self-designed and self-built garage 6 X 3 foot workbench has a tendency to become littered with miscellaneous “stuff”, and I find myself at my wit’s end attempting to build projects on a piece of plywood strung across two folding sawhorses.

Everything You Need to Know About Forstner Bits

Owning a power toolkit is very essential and a necessity nowadays. You cannot always rely on professional help to make amends to your house or machine. Usually, they take a lot of time to get things done and overcharge most of the time even for the simplest things. So, it is a no-brainer to own a set of power tools. The most useful power tool of all is definitely the drill. If you own a drill or plan to own one in the near future, then your dilemma with a plethora of other people must be about the drill bits. Drill bits come in all shapes and sizes and each of them has a different purpose and understanding that not only requires skill but also perseverance. So, if you have been confused about which drill bit to use in a particular situation, then I know how that feels because it has happened to me too, many times.

All About Hose Pipes

The common picture that comes in mind when you think of pumping water, is the pressure and the pipes, hose pipes have been used in various applications that concern draining water under pressure. The main advantage with hose pipes is that they are designed to withstand the pressure and thus direct the water with the right amount of force. They have been used in fire extinguisher, pond vacuuming and waste disposal suction machines among other gadgets. In all their applications they vary in girth size and the design depending on the estimated pressure being applied in the process.

7 Tips For The Best Portable Air Compressors You Can Buy Right Now

With a good portable air compressor, you can make your journey more enjoyable. These machines come in handy when you get a flat tire while on the move and no tire shop is around. You can fill the tire with air with the air compressor while searching for the nearest tire shop. Given below are some tips that may help you choose the best portable air compressor.

The First Cut: How to Use a Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is a kind of tabletop saw that allows you to cut curves and make quick turns while cutting wood. It looks similar to a band saw, but the scroll saw’s blade moves up and down instead of in a loop. With a few tips, you can learn how to use a scroll saw to suit your project needs. Here are 10 tips to help you in your wood endeavor:

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