#040: Toner and Probe

#040: Toner and Probe

Finally published this beast! I’m going to be breaking this up into smaller videos today so you’ll be able to watch just the area you want but I just don’t want to keep you all waiting any longer.

Plasma Cutting

This article offers a high level overview into the basics of using a plasma cutting tool. It can give someone with no experience in plasma cutting a general knowledge.

Common Drywall Supplies and What They Do

If you have a drywall repair need that you insist on doing yourself, be sure you know exactly what you need and what it does. Learn some of the most common drywall terms and tools right here!

Cordless Finish Nailer: Helpful Buying Tips

A finish nailer is used by finish carpenters and cabinetry makers to make the job of fastening wood pieces faster and easier. A cordless finish nailer is more portable and doesn’t require an outlet to operate. This article provides tips to help you choose the right cordless model for your needs.

Experts Share Important Lawn Care Tools Homeowners Should Have

They are many different tools that will help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Be aware which of these tools you must own or rent.

Circular Saw Vs Table Saw – Pros and Cons

A major problem or dilemma that is faced by a lot of woodworking and tool enthusiasts is when it comes to selecting the best saw for the job at hand. Some will choose a circular saw and some will choose a table saw for the same job due to their inability to know the difference between the two.

What to Look for When Buying Socket Sets

A high-quality assortment of ratchets, sockets and accessories is essential for many different jobs, from the complex to the light maintenance work. They come in several different sizes with wrench heads to match the individual sized bolts.

Rotary Tools: Cordless Vs Battery

Rotary tools are a practical choice for small projects like cutting in tight spaces, engraving, carving, and grout removal. They are great for the small-scale application because of the efficient power and convenient size.

A Lightning Rod Offers Invaluable Protection for a Home During Storms

According to the National Weather Service, lightning strikes the United States approximately 25 million times a year. Here is why a simple lightning rod is an excellent preventative tool.

Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job

More often than not, if a tool fails its not the result of a poor quality. Its because it was not being used for the purpose it was designed and intended for.

How to Select the Best Air Compressor for Use

Buying an air compressor requires careful thought and consideration.An ideal compressor requires focusing on many performance factors. An Air Compressor Buying Guide is the starting point before you make this decision. This article discusses the factors you need to consider before making your last choice.

Tips on the Best Metal Lathe

How can you define a metal lathe? It may not be that simple to explain as to what it is, but we try to explain it as a machine that can shape or mold hard materials. They are also known as metalworking lathe or lathe in the machining world. These machines were designed to work with metals in the beginning, but with the advent of plastic, they now have a versatile use. In fact, the best metal lathe can carve propeller shafts, jewelry, steel, watch making and much more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lithium-Ion Battery

The lithium ion battery is one of the most popular choices for consumer and portable electronics. Its high performance and fast recharge cycle also makes is a great choice for automobile, aerospace and military applications.

Electric Tools or Air Tools, Which One Is Best?

Like many other tools, electric and air tools have their advantages and disadvantages but the decision as to which one is best lies in the hand and the mind of the user. What is best for you might not be the best for someone else.

Corded and Cordless Tools, Which One Should You Buy?

Much has been said about corded and cordless tools as to which one is the best. It really all depends on what tool you are using and what you are using it for. Hopefully the following info will help you decide which is best for you for the specific project you want to accomplish.

Why Get The Best Wood Lathe?

What is a wood lathe? It is wood turning device that lends a shape to a project. This tool spins the wood and sculpts it in a way that a hand held tool like a sandpaper or even a grinder lacks. In a way, a wood lathe can provide you more control over your wooden project and helps you shape it the way you perceived it to be. In fact, the best wood lathe can offer you with many options of carving wood into a balance.

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