#019: Small Office / Big Cabling Rehab!!

#019: Small Office / Big Cabling Rehab!!

Holy cow this turned out to be a long video! I will seriously be shocked to see if anyone manages to stay awake through all 2 hours. I was thinking of breaking it into parts but my wife talked me into leaving intact as a single video. I’d love to hear feedback from you all as to the formatting and length.

his was a project that spanned around 2 months and a lot of all-nighters and weekends. I’m proud of the result and hope to get the chance to do another project like this in the future.

It isn’t often I can just be cut lose to do everything I think needs to be done so the network will be in it’s ideal state so this job really makes me happy. I hope all you enjoy the video and manage to either learn something you didn’t know before or get inspired to do something differently in your work.


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Different Types Of Drilling Rig For Sale

We find different sort of drilling rig for sale in the market. Your selection of rig depends on your specific requirement. Drilling rigs are those machines which are used to create ground holes. These can be of massive structural housing equipment that are used for drilling oil wells, natural gas wells and/or water wells. Alternatively, these can be smaller ones which can be carried manually by a single person.

Power Drill Safety Rules: Importance of Wearing a Dust Mask

Wearing a dust mask when using a power drill may not be the most fashionable thing to do, but it very well could be the healthiest. Latest OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits list has some surprising substances that most might not consider toxic. Read more…

10 Things You Can Take Apart With a Tri Wing Screwdriver

Have you ever wondered what in the world you would need a screwdriver with a Y-shaped tip for? It seems that almost everything these days uses Phillips screws for its assembly. Believe it or not, there are many things that you wouldn’t be able to open with a Phillips screwdriver no matter how hard you tried.

Fire Exit Doors With Advanced Sealants

It is necessary for any modern-day building to be put in with fire exit doors for the bar of fireside destruction. Business buildings, residential homes, public buildings and industrial plants ought to have fireplace exit and entry doors that area unit severally tested to shield their occupants and property within the event of a hearth.

Common Laser Measuring Tools for Architects

Architects require precise measurements in order to design buildings. Even the ancients relied on precision. For example, the ancient pyramids of Egypt are built on perfectly square foundations. Each of the four walls of a pyramid’s foundation had to meet precisely with perfect right angles before the pyramid could be built.

What Is a Wood Jointer?

A wood jointer is power tool used by woodworkers to square and true boards. In other words it will make a board straight and its edges will be at perfect right angles to its top and bottom faces.

Three Possible Ways to Use Mesh Tarps

Although a more specialized material, mesh tarps are necessary for certain applications. Here are three ways mesh tarps may be used.

The Uses of Heavy Duty Buckets

Heavy duty buckets are recommended for jobs where the standard plastic buckets will not withstand the usage. The heavy buckets are ideal for demanding jobs at home or even the farm – where repeated use is the order of the day. These types of boxes are designed specifically to withstand the rigor and demands of the building site.

Top 6 Hand Tools

Power tools are definitely a big part of our lives today. We use saws, drills, sanding tools and other power tools on a very regular basis. With these power tools available it might seem like hand tools are out dated and a thing of the past.

Choosing a Gas Boiler: Important Things to Consider

Choosing gas boilers is not an easy task, as these items are available in a huge assortment. They have different manufacturers, features and costs. Since modern gas boilers can be quite expensive, it is necessary to understand what aspects to check, in order to make a deliberate choice.

Benefit of Cordless Tools

As technology evolves, this makes for much more fun, innovative, and unique things to be invented. One of the more innovative ideas of today’s society is that of cordless tools.

American and Chinese Ash Vacuums: The Struggle for Dominance

The current state of the American market for ash-cleaning technology shows an influx in Chinese imports that include everything from cleaning devices to replacement parts and accessories. As seen below, that is no surprise. The predominant factor seems to be low prices. People look for what they can afford, and consumers like to save money. Marketing strategies reflect this pattern.

Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum: Dry Ash Cleaning at Its Best

The design of the Chinese-produced Shop-Vac 4041100 ash vacuum facilitates clean up of cold dry ashes from hot areas like fireplaces, barbecue pits, and wood/pellet stoves. The Shop-Vac 4041100 is one of the company’s better-known models. Innovation and ingenuity are the basis of its simplicity. The model features a design and construction that reflect safety, convenience and user-friendliness, which every single homeowner values.

Tri Wing Screwdriver VS Homemade Tools

Many people who have issues with their Nintendo products want to take them apart and fix them on their own. How does improvised tools stack up against a real tri wing screwdriver? Let’s find out.

Optimum Production With Quality Industrial Workbenches

Workbenches have been designed for tough industrial usage are perfectly suited in a variety of commercial and industrial workplaces for a long time. With their smart appearance, industrial workbenches they come welded and constructed in the form of sheets and steel tubes and are greatly suitable for applications ranging from heavy engineering to general commercial use.

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