अपने घर पर Solar System खुद ही कैसे लगाए | Solar Panel Connection for Home with Inverter & Battery

Hello friends, how are you all, I welcome Mukesh to your technical Sokil YouTube channel friends in this video today we will be put solar panel setup to home And you can set this solar system at your home too, in a very easy way, so I am telling you by making this video. And friends will also tell you that it will also save electricity in a very good way So friends, I am sure that this video will be very helpful for you, so let’s start this video So to install a friends solar system, we will need a solar panel so here I am installing two solar panels of a loom solar company here I have a new solar panel and here I already have a solar panel If I had already asked for it then let me take this solar panel out and this is the solar panel that I had already asked for both of the same company are from Loom Solar Company and see the details of this There is a solar panel 375 walt so it has about 45 voltages and about 20 amperes then I will connect both these solar panels to the parallel and as you can see it is 5.30 in the evening so for this setup let us If you want a day then the video will also be long but I have to tell you all the details in detail, so I have made the video fast so that you can understand the people better so friends here you can see see that the wiring of the solar panel was negative and positive , and now we need a wire of 10 mm square for both these solar panels And here you can take 6 mm as well but here I am taking 10 mm wire wire because we can add more solar panels here and anyway, both these solar panels get 750 volts and Any problem should be in this solar system you can ask me in the comment box as you see here Here I will convert both of these solar panels to a parallel but I do not have a connector for both of these panels and the connectors that I have are from 600 to 650 anyway and they deteriorate during the rainy and also the risk of powerlos Remains and so by connecting the same 10 mm square wire in here and connecting them to the parallel and you tell people one more thing that the 10 mm square wire that we have taken , it should not be more than 10 m in the inverter.

. To reach because friends come here again powerlos so we will not take more than 10m and as you can see here I have placed these on top of the wall which is built on the roof of the house Later on I will get it done with the artisan and the frame will be made and you are see this 10mm wire which is here , I have got only yellow color but it would have been nice if there were different colors here like red wire ,black wire for the red wire positive and black negative .

Therefore, I am putting red tape over them in place of positive and black instead of negative And as you can see, it is already 6:30 pm. This is a wire of 10 square mm and this wire which I have attached it very well and wire to all four connectors .

I will cut them at a distance of 1 foot on these connectors It is clearly written positive and negative So look here, it is negative, so I paste black tape over here that there will be two positive wires with red tep here and two negative wires with black tep , as you can see, In this way we have taken out two red wires and we have removed two black wires. Now the 10mm wire that we brought from the market , it was brought in 21m, I have cut it into 1m and added it to the connector and 20m ie the length of both the wire has become 10m, so here I have peeled both the mouths and here I got these two wires and cut them from the middle of the last because this was the wire which was brought in exactly according to the size before connecting this wire to the solar panels.

I will cut through these bits now I will connect one wire with both red points here and the other wire with negative and as you can see friends here we work very strongly Doing and can see I have mixed all three wires and let’s stick the red tape over them because the wire we have is positive now I have a negative connection So here, just as the positive wire was connected in the same way, I will also connect the negative wire And friends told me that if I connect these two solar panels to the parler, then the voltage that is connected to the parler will be equal.

Ie around 45 voltages And the amperes will be doubled i.e. around 20 amperes so as you can see we have connected both wire it in the perlar negative and positive so let’s take this wire near the inverter Let’s go and now we walk like this If you can fit it well later After removing it from the inverter and the electric pipe which comes in the use of electrical fittings, I will take it from the roof wall as you can see, which is made like a cupboard on our roof Then we will hole here So that the rain water does not go in then the friends have become dark so that it You see this work is for the second day , so now both of these solar panels have been kept just like this So I am correcting them temporally right now, I will tighten them with a stand later so before setting a hole, I set the wire well near the wall And later I will set them well inside the electric pipe and this hole is here Going near this tank as you see this is the electric board and we will set the inverter and battery here So how will this electric board work for us, I will also tell you people so let’s take the hammer machine here and see that I made an iron So I put it over here now we will remove the hole We have extracted this very carefully by saving the tank Because now we can not even remove this tank Finale because she is married Later we will adjust it So friend, we have pierced the tank very carefully, save the tank and now this is our wire, we will give it out of it And I am telling you everything here in detail so that you can understand the solar system plant better.

And as you can see, both the wires of both the friends have come here and now they peel off their mouths. .

And if the video looks good, then please like the video and if the generators have not subscribed to the channel yet, please subscribe to the channel and I give you all kinds of details in the people. so let’s check their power once wow very Good power is coming good amperes are coming that is, about 20 amperes friends, you will not try to wire the wire here and here and here I have changed the meter to 200 volts of dc and let us check its voltage.If the solar panel is coming then about 45 voltages of DC are coming on both these wires , which according to the crop of the meter, apply red tep on the positive wire and black tep on the negative wire So here we have a positive wire and a negative one , so let’s confirm here See that about 45 voltages are coming So friends as you know that we have installed two solar panels of Loom Solar Company here for 375 volts and if you want to visit their site, then I have given the link of the site in the description, you can visit it.

Friends, now we will attach these wires in the inverter so here I have a very good battery from Luminous company 150 am of cten VERY GOOD BATRREY and here it comes with 5 year warranty so here I have two battery If we have taken, let’s now take the battery down and as you can see the Indicator cap which is on the therma call, it measures the water level of the battery and how to install it, let me also tell I open these caps and as you can see the water is filled in it and the induction cap that comes with it, we replace it with the cap then it will keep checking the water level to see how much water in the battery If you put this indication cap on both battery and friends, you know that battery 12 volt And we have to connect to the series and make 24 volts because the friends that our solar panels are also 24 volts, that will give 24 volts to the converter via inverter and as you see here this is the wire of this inverter.

I have come with you, I will also tell you inverter now And here what we are doing now to do these battery in series is connect one battery positive and the other negative of battery in such a way as you can see friends then after that one of the negative of battery and positive of other battery will be left and Friends as you can see, now we have taken out the luminous solar inverter to box , its model number is solar nxg +1625 so I can show it backwards and it is red wire positive, black wire negative , so here you can see it Which one of our battery’s positive and one battery’s negative then negative wire, we have attached this battery and this wire will be placed on the remaining terminal as the circut is complete then there is sparking so let’s put friends in this way and we will get it by getting it, so tighten all the connectors.

So that no loose connection remains now friends we have complete 50 percent work our friends have turned on our front panel That is which is our panel is connected to the battery and this is finali on eco mode let us know what our inverter settings are , then our inverter is the tubular leg And if your battery were on any other option, then you put it on the tubular and this one which we will turn off the charge Because one is best for this Power Saver the other which is battery connected to solar panels, it will be charged from the primary system now you see the eco and ups button here .

If you have UPS in your home, then you press this button for two seconds If you do, it will come on ups mode and if there are no ups in your house, then you will leave it on ico mode as you can see now that the friends who come from the wire solar panel are positive and negative we will put them on this connector. Add it and as it is written here below, you can connect solar panels up to 1000 volts of 24 volts you can tell people that our inverter is of 1100 via and if you want it is 1500 via You can also use it so we can take a load of up to 900 volts and as you can see here the friends have started blinking the light on the solar charge that is, our battery is charging through the solar panel And as soon as you turn the green button on, the inverter comes on on battery and after that you can get 220 volts through the direct inverter.

We can take it but friends here we are using electric board as well, because the days where the weather will be bad for the friends, it is also necessary for the rainy season , here we also need to switch off the output of this electric board during the rest of the time. I will keep it because my purpose is to charge these battery only through solar panel so inverter with friends in the same purpose, now as you can see friends here we have taken a plug top of 16 amperes And the output socket behind the inverter you are looking at is to be installed here it has a terminal written on L and a terminal written on n where we write a wire as you can see.

We have taken a wire here of 2.5 mm, because in the home wiring fittings we only take a maximum of 2.5 mm wire, so here I have also taken a wire of 2.5 mm and if you want, you can also take a 4 mm wire here.

We will take this wire to the house on the main electric board and if you want to connect this wire then Jake sleeps in your house.

If the light comes through the light panel , then friends, before putting this plug top in the inverter, we carry this wire on the electric board of the house which is our main board so let’s go to the main board, now friends. A question may be arising in the mind of the people that we are taking the same wire from the inverter in friends, you will take the same wire from the inverter, that is also the face from its output and here is this board , we will connect it with the face Because the neutral will be connected to the input of the inverter all the lines of the house will no longer connect this wire in the friends with the main mcb, but here I will tell you by connecting the people with an mcb as you can see .

In this way you can connect with any one mcb like you will connect this wire with more mcb as i needed then i conect this wire to more mcb and as you can see this is the main meter of our house and the mcb meter which is applicable to it I have connected it inside two rooms we will connect this wire with this mcb, so let’s put mark on this mcb And friends, there is also a two mcb where there is a geyser so we can not connect these wires because you need at least 2.5 kilo volts of solar plant system for this You will have to install 6 solar panels of less 375 volt and in this way you will have to take more inverter through and battery will also have to take more amperes , then friends as you can see here which is the lower wire which is the wire under the mcb If there is a meter face inside it, then we will remove this wire and we will connect the wire that we have brought from the inverter.

Dont do enything , so here I have closed the main mcb .

so that the friends are not afraid of any current here so you can see that the friends have removed the face below here , the wire going up is going to the house. There is a board of electric appliances inside, it is going on then it will also face upwards here as soon as we turn on the mcb and as I told you that what is neutral is from the direct inverter. When the main input cable of the investor goes inside the electric board , then we will tape this wire out of the mcb so that there is no risk of tire circuit wagge, then friends, now we will connect this wire to the mcb Is that the inverter will come from it , I am telling it again that as soon as I need it and I will connect this wire inside the mcb then I can connect this wire to the other mcb as you are on the bottom See how the face wires are connected from one mcb to the other mcb so let’s go up here, there was a switch bad, so we The switch has been changed for this socket and according to the friends’ inverter, the face should be in the right side inside the socket, it is very important now the main light has come inside the inverter, so I will keep this switch off as it I have plugged it into the out put of the inverter, which has gone into the wire mcb so let’s turn on the main switch now here inverter it has come on battery and in here I will turn it off The solar panel itself is charging and the main power is off here Now the yellow wire that is going on will also fix it properly.

The pipe which comes with the power fitting and the this wire i will set later properly like in pipe then friends, now this is the cap of the mcb board we are put it and you are see the side wire and our mcb board cop i have turn this cap because we will put this wire in here , then I will give the link of this inverter and baterry in the description to friends, you can visit to go So friends, how did you like this video, you will definitely tell me in the comment box, as well as do this video, like and share and anybody has not subscribed to the channel yet, please do not forget to click on the notification meat in next video thanks for watching.

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